Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reader Interview: Nicole

It's reader interview time, and today's interviewee is Nicole, fellow fan of the Black Jewels Trilogy!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm in my mid thirties and recently bought a new Condo. I have had fun decorating and buying new furniture. I am a techinical trainer for a software company. I LOVE to read and sometimes like to do crafts. I played womens tackle football, semi-pro, for 1 year. And I am a pagan that lives in a small, Christian town, so that is sometimes fun :)

2. Are you a hoarder or do you give your books away?

I am a hoarder. But, I just bought a Kindle and am going to sell most of my books as soon as I get it. That will free up 3+ 6foot book shelves.

3. What author might tempt you into turning stalker?

Laurell K Hamilton or Sherrilynn Kenyon. I love all the books these ladies write. Sorry, Nalini, you live to far away :( Also, Anne Bishop if I could ask her about her Black Jewels stories.

4. How susceptible are you to chocolate?

Very, I have a small piece of dark chocolate each night. For my digestion of course :)

5. Favorite book? Why?

Ender's Game- The first book I stayed up all night reading.
After that it would have to be any book from L.Hamilton, S.Kenyon, C.Feehan, N.Singh, P.Briggs, A.McCaffrey, M.Lackey or C.Cherryh.

6. If you knew you were going to be stuck on a desert island, what three things would you take with you?

My Kindle, unlimited Coke and a knife.

7. What did you eat for breakfast?

Burger King Croissant sandwich and a coke.

8. How many books in your current to-be-read pile?

None, I buy them as I find them to read. Unless they are not yet published.

9. Describe your idea of a perfect hero.

Smart, funny, sexy and a great kisser. Must be a little dangerous or at least look dangerous. Tattoos are good and piercings. Confidence is also a must.

* Where do you live?

Oregon, USA

* If you were in the Psy/Changeling World, what side would you be in?

Changeling, I would love to be able to shapeshift.

* Seen any good movies lately?

Last movie I went to see was The Bourne Ultimatum, and it was excellent.


Anonymous said...

Good taste in films! The Bourne movies are amazing, I must have seen each one at least five times. I hear they're making a 4th one. *giggity*

I thought about getting a Kindle, but I really can't give up good old fashioned paper and ink, even if it saves space. I've always wanted a personal library like in Beauty and the Beast, so i'm holding onto that dream for now. :D

Sayuri said...

I'm with you Nicole. It's a matter of space now with regards to an e-reader. But I think I will always keep my favs in print books.

Anonymous said...

yeeeeeh! I just bought a kindle too. I'll always buy some books in print, but the Kindle was definitely a good thing. Hardbacks being like $10 in Kindleback (LOL) It makes more room for my paperbacks.