Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Reader Interview: Alice

It's reader interview time, and today's interviewee is fellow Mr. Darcy fan, Alice!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a twenty-*cough* year old female currently working full time with an undergrad degree I’m not using and trying to figure out my life. Working, mostly. Trying to be a better person? I’m not very good at these things… I mean, I talk about myself ALL the time, but it’s usually one of those odd random facts that people give those “are you for real” looks. So…in light of books…

I always loved stories. Always, for as long as I can remember, I had stories. They’re my teachers, my friends, my understanding to the world and my only form of cognitive expression. Romantic slants were just so much sweeter. Even as a kid being read fairytales, I'd always reread the ones with strong female characters and romance in it more. Ah, happy endings.

2. Are you a hoarder or do you give your books away?

I hoard, but books I really love have two copies. One for lending and reading...the other, for keeps. ^_^ It’s even better when newer additions are added. I’d need to get those too!
Very often, I do make an attempt to give books I love away to get my friends hooked and buy more copies. My ploy, hehehe.

3. What author might tempt you into turning stalker?

You mean I'm not doing it now? Hehe. I cannot say for fear of restraining orders and self incrimination. >_< Of course, the better question is whom I have NOT stalked, ehehehe (you think I’m kidding don’t you…maybe I am, maybe….mwahahah *cough cough*-darn sugar high again). I’ll list top 3 (although Ms. Nalini is in top 10):

1. Diana Wynne Jones- I’ll just faint when I meet her, faint I tell you.
2. Hayao Miyazaki- His mangas and films…so wonderful.
3. Fuyumi Ono- Her books changed my life. It was that powerful.

4. How susceptible are you to chocolate?

Like waving blood at a shark hundreds of miles away. I'll bite the hand off too. Especially if it's chocolate dipped strawberries...ooooohhhhhhhh...my weakness...actually, I think I tried to stab a friend with a fork the other day when they tried to take my food. They were too quick though, so I didn’t succeed. I’m pretty sure I smacked a couple of them really hard when they tried to take my chocolate strawberry dessert. Trying to steal my chocolate…the fools, the fools I say!

5. Favorite book? Why?

I cannot choose ONE favorite book, there are so many good stuff, great wondrous books! I love stories, I love reading. I need stories. BUT, if I must...
Pride and Prejudice. Both education and entertaining. Such a wonderful romance story, but so exquisitely written and contained social commentary that applies even to this day. More importantly there’s Mr. Darcy!! Need I say more? ^_~

6. If you knew you were going to be stuck on a desert island, what three things would you take with you?

Can I say a backpack full of supplies? It's a desert island! Come on! A desert! And on an Island! I don’t have any parameters of what’s going to be on the desert island for survival’s sake. Okay, okay, if not: clean water (lots of it, hopefully an unending supplies), sunblock, and a solar powered satellite laptop (the joys of ebooks, internet, and online shows- while I order more supplies and books, and maybe rescue...mwahahahaha).

7. What did you eat for breakfast?

Honey water, fruit, garlic bread. I eat this daily nowadays in an attempt to gain some weight. Sometimes I have soup instead of water, hot chocolate, or plain warm water. Other times I have everything. Teehee.

8. How many books in your current to-be-read pile?

Uh, I’ve lost count and have more on the way. It has taken over most of my bed, table and overflowed onto one side of my floor. It’s like a flood of books! =)p I'm a fairly fast reader and read a book or two a day...more on weekends when time available, but my need for books tend to get the best of me and I keep buying more than I can finish. Darn you internet with free shipping!! *shakes fist at computer screen*

9. Describe your idea of a perfect hero.

Are we talking about the perfect hero to read about? Or my perfect hero?
I like reading about characters like Cam Rohen from “Mine Til Midnight.” Lucas Hunter was just about ideal-so close to my ideal! Teehee. Someone who works hard, not bound to the materialistic world, compassionate, would never take his anger out on someone he cares about: loyal, responsible, gentle, but willing to be strong when the need comes up. Not quite whole, but not insanely damaged (I really cannot begin on how insane those guys can be). I’d go for Lucas, but he’s taken. Cam’s taken too…And Mr. Darcy. Awww… Then again, I relate more to Cam and Mr. Darcy than me actually wanting them for MY personal hero. Haha. Lucas on the other hand…teehee. No, no, he’s taken…by wonderful Sascha. What a cute couple. *happy sigh*

Extra reader submitted question(s)! Answer at will :)

* Which character in a book do you relate most with?

Oddly enough, I almost always relate more to male protagonist in books (probably 90% plus of the time), which always made me a little sad. That was why your books, Ms. Nalini, were such an awesome surprise for me. I related to almost all of the female characters, especially Sienna, although I don't have her intelligence. I sometimes feel like Sascha, but I’m not that nice. Eh. Ehehehe. Kind of like Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice, but once again, not that smart. My friends tell me I'm like anime/manga characters come alive (thus their constant fascination to dress me up…all the time…)-they mean it sincerely, so I take it as a compliment, even thought I don’t relate to them at all.

* Where do you live?

Sunny California, USA, with my lovely puppydogs whom I love with all my heart.

* So what would people think was a perfect heroine??

Independent, kind, a bit flawed and willing to admit it. Knows herself well (and rather happy with herself overall), thus compassionate and soft when needs to be, but also stubborn and can kick major butt when she needs to. Emphasize the butt-kicking. ^_^

* If you were in the Psy/Changeling World, what side would you be in?

Probably Psy. I relate to them more, I guess. Not the superiority thing. More the need-to-control-emotions-since-it's-always-getting-out-of-hand-hurting-everyone-around-me-thing, but also the wanting-to-feel-and-care-and-show-affection-but-don't-know-how thing too. Also, the social structure I was brought up in reflects that of the Psy world more than Changeling. I would like to be a Changeling, if only for the ability to change. Of course, once we learn more and more about humans...

* Seen any good movies lately?

Quite a few actually! Enchanted was adorable and such a parody at times. Secretary was a bit on the whoa side, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Imagine You and Me was actually really good and I loved the music. D.E.B.S was cute. Now if I only had time to watch The Piano and North and South. It’s calling me!!!


Anonymous said...

Alice - you're slightly bonkers and utterly hilarious! A very entertaining reader interview.

Pride & Prejudice was on the reading list at uni and I managed to read half of it before I dropped out. I'm sad to say I didn't enjoy it all that much. I'm one of those thick-headed people that doesn't get subtlety at all. I need sizzle and sparks and in-your-face kinda Oomph! BUT, I can totally appreciate a soaked Colin Firth. ;)

little alys said...

OMGosh! I'm on! This is so exciting!

Daphne- Thank you for commenting! I do sound a little nuts don't I. I guess I shouldn't have used my inside voice ^_~.
I first read P&P in middle school when my older sister was raving about it. It was okay, but I liked the love stories*wink*. In high school, it was assigned and my teacher was great at pointing out the great writing. College came and another class, this time it really hit me how great I liked it. P&P has it's problems, but I do enjoy a bit of sublty. You're right, though, nothing beats a wet Colin. Hehehe.

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

Hi Alice,

I adore Diana Wynne Jones and I would totally adore to meet her in person! Did you know there's a DWJ listserv to talk about her books?

Funny about Jane Austen's books, I have them but Pride and Prejudice is the only one I really remember reading though I know I read the others many years ago but the details faded.... When they showed the movies on TV I had forgotten so much!


little alys said...

Jenny- Diana Wynne Jones writes amazing stuff. She has this incredible ability to flesh out characters, point out issues, while at the same time injecting love and humor into all her stories. Love her! I had no idea there's a listerv for her books. >_< Dang it, I'm not stalkerish enought. ^_~

I agree, for some reason, P&P stands out the most. Jane Austen's writing became more intense and insightful, but P&P somehow really draws me in. The BBC version is the best. For a while, I would read the book with the series on. It was during my crazy era(it never ended, just shifted ^_~), but as you've said, the details amazing. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Alice - I´ve to agree with daphne. You seems to be lovable bonkers and hilarious. - Keep that!

I´ve the book and the dvd of P&P.
- Don`t ask me how often I had seen this movie. Matthew McFadyen is just adorable. (His facial expression is great! Especially his glance!).


KT Grant said...

I met Alice and I can say she is bonkers just like me :D

little alys said...

Eh, I just noticed a typo in my own comment. >_<

Eva- I don't know about the lovable part, but definitely on the bonkers side. Hehehe. Wasn't there a cartoon called Bonkers? The fact that I know that probably attest to my greater insanity. All in all, thank you ^_^. Bring smiles is best. That way, you won't suspect my true craziness. Teehee.

Kate- I'm not quite as bonkers as you, but it's definitely what I'm aiming for ^_~, be as bonkers as Kate!

Christine said...

Alice!!! =)
I met Alice, too. And she is slightly bonkers, but oh so sweet, kind, and fun. Still didn't upload those pics. Sorry! :s

Great interview!

little alys said...

Christine! You dropped by too! Thank you! ^_^ Take your time uploading the pics. I'm only going to steal, er...link to them. ^_~

It feels so odd being back on the westcoast. You and Kate are too far away! I cannot bug you as much. >_< Once I get my voice back, I'll be pestering Kate again. And I still have your email, mwahahaha. *cough cough*