Monday, May 26, 2008


Popping up out of the cave to say the website's been updated! :)


Christine said...

I *LOVE* those German covers for your Psy-Changeling Series, Nalini. Uber hot. ;)

KT Grant said...


azteclady said...

*vibrating* ARC????????

me want me want mewantMEWANT



Anonymous said...

The second German cover is great Nalini.
I`ve just reviewed "Leopardenblut" in several german online book shops.(Incl. pointing out your website).
... some advertising never hurts:-)


Anonymous said...

The German covers are....WOW Nalini! Very nice :)

ARC.....ohhhhhhhh *cheshire cat grin*

I hope all is going well in the cave (and that you receive regular care packages :)


little alys said...

We missed you! :) Love the foreign covers, very sexy. OMG ARC for Dorian~~~

azteclady said...



Mary M. said...

Nice! I love the German covers.
I spotted the French version of Bound by Marriage at my local Walt-Mart last week. I was surprised since I didn't know any of your books had been translated yet. I hope the publisher did a good job. Most French puslishers have the unfortunate habit of cutting off big chunks of texts. I had to smile when I saw the French title they gave to Secrets In The Marriage Bed - "Le Secret de Victoria", translated back in English, is Victoria's Secret :-DD.

I hope Mercy isn't too hard on you! And I can't wait to read Dorian's book. I just suscribed to the newsletter so I won't miss my chance for the ARC :-DD.

Take care!

Ashley said...

YAY!! ARC contest! I can't wait!

The german covers are really quite sexy... too bad I can't read/ speak german. :(

Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

Here’s a note I wrote days ago and somehow forgot to post.

Okay, now I know I’ve got it bad for this series. First of all, the last thing I
did before leaving the house today to attend a book signing, for an anthology
in which three members of my writer’s critique group are included, was to
put my Nalini Singh novel in my purse. I was going to a book store,
one of my favorite places in the world! Also, I’m a founding member of this
group (Sacramento’s SinC) and I haven’t seen most of the members in years. When
did I think I was going to get a chance to read Visions of Heat? It doesn’t matter,
I couldn’t risk the lost opportunity.

Next, we’re on our way home. A story on NPR mentioned
that many Southwestern residents were opposed to the
area’s reintroduction of the Mexican Gray Wolves. The commentator
said something like, “they are so vicious they’ll begin eating Bambi’s liver
before the heart stops beating.” My mind immediately went to the SnowDancers.
Will I ever be able to look at these animals the same? I hope not.

Also, I read Darest Night by Gena Showalter on your recommendation
and loved it. I’m reading Darest Kiss now.

Anonymous said...

The "k" are missing in the titles on my last post. I don't know how that happened??

It's Darkest Night by Gena Showalter and Darkest Kiss.

Nalini Singh said...

Gee, I think you all are interested in the ARCs? *g*

Eva - thank you!! :)

Mary M - Thanks for translating that French title :)

Jackie B - what a great story. I love it!:) Glad you're enjoying Gena's books too!

azteclady said...

"Gee, I think you all are interested in the ARCs?"

I wonder what could have given you that impression, Nalini...


Shaymless Aymless said...

ARC! Whee! Chose me!!! *jumps up and down with hand in air*