Friday, May 02, 2008

This & That

Brenda Novak's annual auction for Diabetes Research has kicked off, so don't forget to swing by and bid on lots of great stuff (including an ARC of HtP).

Dear Author is giving away some free Nocturne Bites - you might just have time to sneak in an entry.

There's an interesting article on Stephenie Meyer in Time magazine.

And I'm working on Mercy's book :) What're you all up to?


little alys said...

Ms. Nalini~ Mercy!!! Please give us hints, oh please please please. I'm not very good with charity auction and usually just donate directly, but thank you for bringing this one to attention. ^_^

I'm doing very well because *drum rolls*, I met up with Katie(bab) and Christine whom I met from your blog here! Yes, I'm a bit bragging, but that's cuz they were awesome nice and really funny. I loved hanging out with them. They're great!

Hope you're doing well. We all love your books, but please remember to take good care of yourself.
Alice Chow

KT Grant said...

Wow, interesting article on Stephanie. I am anxiously awaiting Breaking Dawn come September and of course another Sept. release from another author I know ;D

Jackie (Literary Escapism) said...

I just finished the latest Jeaniene Frost novel, One Foot in the Grave, and am still reeling from how awesome this novel was.

I have Keri Arthur's new novel, the Darkest Kiss, sitting right next to me so I can start it.

Nalini, did you say you've already read this? If not, you should check it out. She is awesome! If you did, what did you think?

Jackie (Literary Escapism) said...

Just in case anyone is curious, I have a review of the novel up on my blog (, but be warned, there are some spoilers.

Anonymous said...

The interview of Stefanie Mayer is interesting. I´ve her books on my list of wishes at amazon. I hope that I`ll have more air for reading when my schooling in July is over. But till then I`ve a lot of other "less interesting" books to read. And my thesis have to be finished till then.

Anonymous said...

Alice, Katie(babs) and Christine - you all caught up? How cool! Oh Nalini, the charity auction sounds like such a lovely idea.

I know nothing about Stephanie Meyer (sometimes I wonder how I seem to miss all these wonderful authors - I'm very grateful to you all for bringing them to my attention :) but am off to investigate - anything to bring my BP down. Just got back from the doctor's with my grandmother. She's OK, but let's just say it isn't my favourite way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

BTW, has anyone read Melissa Marr's new release Ink Exchange yet? I loved Wicked Lovely so am hanging out for Ink Exchange!

Have a lovely weekend all!

orannia *who is currently waiting for her firewood to arrive so that she can curl up in front of the fire tonight...if the cat doesn't queue jump...with a good book...and Indiana Jones*

KT Grant said...

Alys: I was such a great day to finally meet you and hang out ;)

Orannia: I met Melissa Marr at Comic Con in NYC a few weeks ago and my buddy, Christine and I were able to get copies of Ink Exchange. Now I just need to schedule it in. :)

Nalini Singh said...

Alice - that's so cool that you all met up!

Katiebabs - I'm looking forward to "The Host" - sounds very interesting.

Jackie - no, haven't read it yet. The tbr is starting to wobble!

Eva - good luck with the thesis :)

Orannia - hope you had a good day in front of the fire. I haven't read Ink Exchange yet, but I do plan to.