Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekly Catchup

Thanks for the congratulations everyone! It was really great to celebrate with you all. :-)

I seriously can't believe it's Saturday already. Egads, where did the time go?! What've you all been up to? Plans for the weekend? Me, I'm continuing to work on Mercy's book.


KT Grant said...

The weather near me is beautiful! Near 80 degrees. Maybe I will go for a bike ride. :D

bel_78 said...

Study, study, maybe gym, and hopefully go out with friends at least once :)

Belated congrats, and please go on working on that book, so you can go on to write Hawk´s ;)

Have a great weekend :)

little alys said...

I'm across the country in New York. ^_^ Been helping my sister pack, but only succeeded in making a mess.
Kate- Have fun bike riding. Don't forget water.
Bel- Good luck with studying. ^_^ You're so funny. Hawke's book. Hehehe.
Ms. Nalini- Have a good weekend. Waiting excitedly for Mercy's book. Are you going to give us any hints soon?
Alice Chow

Shaymless Aymless said...

Got computer fixed. Now have to re-create all my important documents.

And pick up friends at airport.

Mercy's book! Ooh... any hints on who the hero is going to be? Please... *puppy-dog eyes*

ShellBell said...

Yesterday I went to the dawn service at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Today and tomorrow I intend to catch up on some reading, grocery shopping and some more plotting and planning for my trip to the UK in September.

Anonymous said...

I've been gardening for the last 2 days - first at my grandmother's and then at home (and my back is now paying the price). I've mostly been planing spring bulbs, although my grandmother is short four tulips as I had put them in the fridge (to trick them into thinking it is winter), but she forgot, thought they were onions and ate a couple! She's fine, but still very amused by it!

All the best with Mercy's book Nalini...any hints would be gratefully received :)

orannia *who is thinking of having Sunday off*

Anonymous said...

I have a weekend of nothing but reading ahead of me. Mmm, bliss. I'll probably (finally) start on the House of Night series. I got it soon after your feature on here, but i've bought so many books that i've been pleasantly snowed under. This blog is now my first stop when I want recommendations on what to read, you have absoltuely flawless taste, Ms Singh!

As for Mercy, i've been wanting to read her story from the moment we met her. The anticipation is quite something. :D

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

I'm going on a grocery tour tomorrow to a local Persian grocery with lunch first at a Persian restaurant. It will be fun. The rest of the weekend, I'll be buried in final projects for school.... I really shouldn't take the time for the tour but I can't resist....


Anonymous said...

shellbell - it's a looooong flight to UK. Just done it the other way coming over to NZ (Hastings) to visit my sister (got here Wed)

NZ is lovely place even if murky today. Time difference has spun me out.

Enjoying seeing sister and family; just taking it easy and taking in the sightss :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to bake today. It's pretty chilly compared to the last five days it's in the lower 50's.

azteclady said...

Let me see... gardening (edging the new flower beds, sorta urgent); grocery store run (yikes! quite urgent); reading a bunch of books for review (dear lawd, what date is it again??????)


Anonymous said...

Currently we`ve 15 degree Celsius. (- At least a little bit warmth.) I did gardening all day long.
Tomorrow, if I can get up and go, I plan to run a few kilometer.

A good weekend to everyone!


Anonymous said...

I'm working on the edits for my story. And trying to be very good and not start reading anything until I've completed them.