Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Link & Reader Interview: Helen

First a link - Urban Fantasy Land's got Particia Brigg's new cover art up - one word: stunning!


And now, as promised, here's a new reader interview! I've got two more left (unless any more come in), that I plan to post next week. Today's interviewee is Helen, a fellow book lover!!

Question #1: Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am currently ready to graduate from Cal. State University Bakersfield after this Winter Quarter with a LBST degree. I plan to attend either San Jose State University or someplace else- I haven’t decided yet!- to get my Masters in Library Science.

Obviously I love books so I reaaallllyyyy hope to get into a profession where I am surrounded by books!

I was born in California and have lived here all my life!! I love it here and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, but I would love to travel all over the world!!

Question #2: Are you a hoarder or do you give your books away?

I am definitely a hoarder, I also happen to be a giver, especially when I love a series ‘cause then I give my books over to someone else so they can be obsessed as me and I can keep buying new ones….sounds bad but …..jeez what can I say I LOVE BOOKS!!!

Question #3: What author might tempt you into turning stalker?

I don’t think I could stalk anyone…..what with the threat of Imprisonment….but if I could get away with it….ummm…..lets just say Nalini you are definitely in the top 10!

Question #4: How susceptible are you to chocolate?

Very susceptible to chocolate, especially if it is Ferrero Rocher….ohhhhh that stuff is soooo good!!!!

Question #5: Favorite book? Why?

Such a hard question…I guess I will go with what I said in a previous blog, Piers Anthony writes Sci-Fi Fantasy books, and his Xanth series got me started reading when I was young and so I will always hold a special place in my heart for his books since his books gave me my unquenchable desire to read, read, and read!!!!

Question #6: If you knew you were going to be stuck on a desert island, what three things would you take with you?

EEEEEKK!!! The desert I can live with, (I live in the MOJAVE DESERT!) but Island!!!! I am so afraid of water!!! So for me I would definitely need …… an architect/contractor so he could design a home, and build it, if I have to live on an island….. Then I would need… a chef so he could feed me food that I wouldn’t know how to prepare, or scavenge, or find.. and last but not least…..a fully equipped helicopter pilot with a helicopter so I could leave this Island paradise whenever I need to get back to civilization!!!!

Question #7: What did you eat for breakfast?

This one is easy….I ran out the door and forgot my breakfast!!! But I was dreaming about pancakes with lots of maple syrup

Question #8: How many books in your current to-be-read pile?

Oh wow since I am in my last 3 weeks of school I have at least 10 books!! But its ok because as soon as I am done I will be reading at least 2 a day and I should be caught up in a week!

Question #9: Describe your idea of a perfect hero.

The perfect hero for me is someone who can love me for who I am, but will always spare time for others as well and not be caught up completely in just us because there is a whole world out there.

Xtra ?’s

Which character in a book do you relate most with?

-I relate most to Sascha because she fights her feelings a lot but then finds out that her emotions are what sets her free to be everything she always wanted to be and more.

Where do you live?

-I live in California, Antelope Valley, Lancaster- part of the Mojave Desert

So what would people think was a perfect heroine??

-A perfect heroine can be tough or soft but can always hold her own when she needs to.

If you were in the Psy/Changeling World, what side would you be in?

-I would absolutely want to be in the Changeling world, being able to turn into an animal would be a wonderful gift!!


Anonymous said...

OMG! Helen (just like my sister!), I went to CSU, Fullerton, so we're from the same brood (almost)! Awesome! ^_^ I do the same thing about book hoarding! Haha, I give away good books to get my friends into it AND Ms. Nalini is on my top ten stalk list. How fun! Good luck on grad school!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with whichever grad school you decide upon Hele. Oh, and can I just say - I love your description of your perfect hero :)


Bridget Locke said...

Nalini-I'm so glad you do this reader interview thing. It's so cool to see who reads your stuff. We sure run the gamut, don't we? :)

I've got a contest going on my "writing" blog. It's not much, but it's a cute guy & you can win $15 to amazon. Here's the link:

Just thought I'd get the word out. :) I've been AWOL for awhile. We had a death in the family, my nephew was born, and my mom had surgery all in a 3 week period. So things have been a bit nuts. I have 3 days of vacation in 2 weeks. Cannot WAIT! :)

e_booklover said...

Wow Helen, I am an avid book reader too who is also from California, Antelope Valley, Lancaster. I went to AV High, one sister and my brother went there also. My youngest sister went to Quartz Hill and my mom teaches there. Good luck finishing school.

Anonymous said...

Helen says.....

Thanks Alice- Book hoarding and giving is fun ain't it?

Hi orannia! I will definetly have fun wherever I go! I'm glad you liked my hero!

Thanks Bridget for the heads up!

Hi Ericka, fellow Lancasterian! (Wow is that a word?) Oh well I can also say that I went to AVHS! So hello fellow alumni!

Have fun everyone and thank you for the comments on to the next reader interview!!