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Deleted Scene from "Beat of Temptation"

This deleted scene will be going up on the website during the April updates (along with a second piece), but since that won't be for a couple of weeks yet, I thought you guys might like a sneak peek.

A bit of background: This scene didn't make it into the novella because I decided that with the shorter wordcount, we needed to jump straight into Nate and Tammy’s story, rather than going from the present, to the past. Plus, I was indulging myself with the other characters and with a novella, you need a much tighter focus.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Deleted Scene from "Beat of Temptation" - An Enchanted Season Anthology

“The Psy who Stole Christmas,” Sascha read out the title, a frown creasing her forehead. “I’m not sure I’m going to like this book.”

Tamsyn laughed. “Oh dear, it’s probably not very friendly to leave that lying around now that I have Psy packmates.”

Faith took the book from Sascha and read the back. “The terrifying, scarifying, mystifying true story of how Christmas was almost outlawed.”

“You’re not offended are you?” Tamsyn suddenly realized how bad the book might look to her friends. “It’s just a fun book. The kids like the rhymes. I’d never—”

“We’re not offended.” Sascha sneaked a bite of chocolate from the pieces Tamsyn had cut for the cookies. “It simply relates a factual event in a way small children can understand.”

“Yes.” Faith opened the book to the first page. “I believe the newly powerful Psy Council was trying out its wings during that time period. This was not one of their success stories.”

Tamsyn laughed, glad for Sascha and Faith’s imminently logical outlook on life. “No, I’d say not. I don’t think they’ve been defeated like that ever again.”

Sascha nibbled on another piece of chocolate as she picked up a beautiful ornament from the box on the table. “Isn’t it a bit early for Christmas decorations?”

“It’s a family thing.” Tamsyn felt her heart catch at the memory. “A tradition you could say.”

Faith’s eyes lingered on the hand-painted ball in Sascha’s hand. “I see the future, but I think it would be nice to have a past full of enough joy that you celebrate it.”

Tamsyn smiled at the foreseer. “I’m sure you’re making some great memories with Vaughn.”

“Yes.” Her eyes softened. “He carved a sculpture of me.”

“Can we see it?” Sascha asked.

Faith shook her head. “No, I don’t think so. He’s quite possessive about it.”

“Just like he is with you.” Seeing movement out of the corner of her eye, Tamsyn grabbed the chocolate bowl before Sascha could demolish it. “How much chocolate do you go through in a week anyway?”

Sascha’s night-sky eyes, pinpricks of white on black velvet, crinkled at the corners as she winced. “I think we should change the subject. Let’s talk more about Faith and Vaughn.”

Lucas stuck his head around the corner from the living room. “She ate an entire bar after dinner last night. Good thing I make sure she gets regular exercise.” He ducked back out before the apple Sascha had thrown at him reached the door, his sensual grin leaving no doubt as to what kind of ‘exercise’ the two had been indulging in.

“I swear I’m going to—” Sascha kept the apple in the air using telekinesis and brought it back to the bowl. “He bought me that damn chocolate bar.”

Tamsyn bit her lower lip to stop from laughing at Sascha’s blush. “Of course he did. He adores you.”

“And I foresee many more chocolate bars in your future.”

Tamsyn and Sascha both looked at Faith. The F-Psy was gifted with the ability to see the future and when she said something like that, it was usually correct to give it a literal interpretation.

“Do you also see lots of exercise?” Tamsyn asked.

Sascha swiveled to stare at her. “Tammy!”

“Oh yes.” Faith grinned impishly, the smile rare. She’d been out of the PsyNet for several months but some things took time. Tamsyn knew the redhead was still getting used to interacting with her new packmates. “Chocolate and exercise are intimately connected in your future.”

Sascha put her hands on her hips, looking from one to the other. Then her lips quirked. The laugh when it came was infectious. They were all holding onto their sides when Nate walked into the kitchen from the backyard. “What did I miss?” He was holding a bunch of flowers.


Stupidly expensive, incredibly beautiful and softly delicate.

Tamsyn stopped laughing. “You idiot.” But she was walking into his arms, tears in her eyes, barely aware of Sascha and Faith slipping out of the room.

He hugged her with one arm, flowers in the other. “Happy Anniversary, my darling cat.”

She sniffed. “It’s not until Christmas Day.”

“No it isn’t.”

No, it wasn’t. That might be when they’d had the ceremony in the Pack Circle to celebrate their mating bond, to share their joy with packmates, but it was on this day eighteen years ago that they’d truly become one, without barriers or fears. The first day he’d ever given her orchids. “I should put them in water.”

He was nuzzling at her neck. “Later. Right now, you should come upstairs and put me out of my misery.”

Nate!” she whispered, well aware of the others only a wall away. In particular, their two cubs, Julian and Roman—the boys had preternatural hearing when it came to their daddy. “The kids, Lucas and Sascha and—”

“They’ll take care of the kids.” Teeth nibbling on her skin. “I’ll be very quiet.”

Things were melting low in her stomach as the scent of him wove around her. “Liar.” God she was mush where this man was concerned. Especially when he gave her orchids. “I want to be on top.”

Putting the orchids on the table behind him, he scooped her up into his arms. Like all healers, she was a practical woman, but he’d always made her feel utterly feminine. Now he grinned. “No you don’t. I have plans for you.”

She nipped at his lower lip. “Going dominant on me, Nathan Ryder?”

He gave her a full-blooded kiss. “Remember that time in the cabin, Mrs Ryder?” He whispered a more intimate description in her ear.

“Oh.” Damp heat between her legs. “You’re right, I don’t want to be on top.” The things he’d done to her in that cabin…it was no wonder she’d agreed to be his mate. But their story had begun long before that final showdown.

Copyright © 2007 by Nalini Singh


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This was Awesome!!! With a capital A!!! Thank you so much Ms. Nalini!!! I was about to go insane! Horray!!! I'd die from happiness, but there's still so much more to read. ^_^
This totally made my day!

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Nalini! My begging/pleading/nagging worked! *note to self: Beg, plead, nag more!*

Great excerpt, even if it wasn't Dorian. I can't wait for his book. And any hints on Mercy or any other upcoming books are always welcome. ;) That was just a hint.

Jennifer K.

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That was fabulous! I can't believe I haven't gotten this book yet! I will asap. :) Anyway, I've always enjoyed reading Nate and Tamsyn's relationship throughout your psy/changeling series. They're just a cute couple, and it's nice to get a little more insight on them. Thanks for posting this scene Nalini!

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This just makes waiting for Hostage to Pleasure more frustrating. I love those characters:)

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Fantastic, as was the entire story!! Jen :)

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I was just saying 'That was awesome' with a huge grin on my face at exactly the same time reading what you wrote!

Thanks so much for that Nalini, it was awesome! *grin*

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I am in complete bliss.

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Thank you so much Nalini! That was just lovely!

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Thanks for sharing Nalini :) I love snippets and deleted scenes. The only problem is that now I want more :P

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OOOOH. Yum yum!!! Thank you so much Nalini! Hmm, even Sascha and Faith already knew about the Psy Council's one failure. I would have thought they would have suppressed that out of the Psynet's history. Are people keeping the story alive as a bit of secret rebellion? Psst the Psy Council failed once....

Courtney said...

Oh, what a treat! It's always nice to see the ladies hanging out and being teased by their mates. Lucas and Sascha crack me up. I love that Nate and Tamsyn are still hot for each other after years of being together. :)

Thanks so much for this, Nalini!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing! This totally made my morning.

I just pulled that book out and re-read Beat of Temptation over this past weekend, so the story was fresh in my mind. I understand why you deleted the scene, but it does add some fun to the story!


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Wow! Amazing, Nalini. I can understand why it was cut but I'm so glad you're giving us the change to read it! The moment Nate walks in with the orchids and Tammy runs into his arms brought tears to my eyes. Truly beautiful. And I love the banter between the three woman at the beginning. It's so good to see the two Psy relaxed and happy. And I understand Sascha for never having had enough chocolate :-DD.

Mary M.

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Loved it, thanks so much. You made my day.