Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekly Catchup

We haven't had a catchup day for a while - what's everyone been up to? Any news?

My news: Angels' Blood is done and currently being read by my agent!! Woohoo!!

I've decided to do a draft of the novella for next year's anthology while the world is fresh in my head, so that's what I'm up to now. However, as of next week, it's all Mercy, all the time. And her hero, of course. *g*

Alright, your turn!


Anonymous said...

Ms. Nalini- OMG, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!!!! So happy!!! Exciting news on Angel's Blood (still debating, but it's most likely a yes). And the Anthology too! I'm doing a happy dance, but no one can see! ^_^

My week started out wonderfully and it kind of dimmed down. Bought more books when I shouldn't. ;p

Went through a lot of internal dialogue and still no solid conclusion.

Um...I ate chocolate.

What's fun, but doesn't cost much money?

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

Congratulations on finishing Angels' Blood. I'm trying to make myself think about school and projects after spring break... Sigh. Well, I'm off to class.

Anonymous said...

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy... is it Riley? yes?


Alice, your question? I don't think it can be answered in a PG way...


My week? Lemme see... my mother landed for a two month visit on Saturday. It's all good, except either I clean like a fiend, or she does... and the whole purpose of her visit is for her to rest so... :sigh:

Next Monday a friend brings his gf and kids for a week :happy dancing: I haven't seen him in something like three years, and the boys in... ugh five? six? So I'm very excited.

I still haven't started working out but hey, I can start... tomorrow, yes?

Christine said...

Congrats on finishing Angel's Blood and for starting to draft your novella for that anthology that I CANNOT WAIT FOR! :D

My kids are on spring break this week. So far we went to see RENT on Broadway (which was fantastic!), had one of my daughter's birthday party at Build-a-Bear (do they have something like that in NZ?), went book shopping (of course), and tonight my other daughter is having a friend sleep over. Other than that, its pretty quiet here! ;)

Shaymless Aymless said...

Congrats for finishing Angel's Blook book. Is there are ARC opportunity there? *wink*

I can't wait to find out who Mercy is going to be paired with! should be lots of fun.

My week has been depressingly boring. Need something to spice it up in a good was.

Kimberly said...

Congrats on finishing Angels' Blood :)

Woohoo - you and Meljean Brook in one antho!!!! Have I missed where you said who the novella is about?

I'm back at school and at the end of spring break. It's just been crazy busy and I still am catching up on school work. I'm hoping I can squeeze out enough time to finish Demon Night. It's bene killing me that I've had it nearly 2 months and haven't had time to read it.

Can't wait to hear more news on Mercy. And if her hero is who I think it is *g*

Anonymous said...

Nalini, I´m really curious who Mercy´s hero ist. But after all the specs I decided to wait till september. (Mercys book is quasi your birthday present for me).

Currently I`m searching for informations for my Case Management certification. (It´s more extensive as I assumed.) Among other things I´ve to prepare a speech.
(I hate it to give a speech...
- But it`s not changeable).

For the weekend I hope for some sunshine, so my husband
and I can start a trip with our cabriolet. (Wrapped into warm coat`s).

Linda said...

I've just blogged about some words that women use in a particular way. *Shameless plug here* It seems that the descriptions of their use are pretty universal in the US. But what I'd really like to know is whether they are used in the same way in other, English speaking countries. hint hint

Jennifer K. said...

Congratulations on finishing "Angel's Blood!" Great news.

However, on another note, I have noticed that it's almost APRIL and you never updated your Web site for March. In light of that unforgivable sin, I think you should provide us with another excerpt from Dorian ... or any other upcoming work you may have ... or from ALL of them. That'd be good, too.

Yes, I think you should treat us with something. I really do. It would only be fair since you made us wait ALL month, the horrendously LONG month of March for an update that never came. *covers face with hands to sob, gasp, sob some more*

*peeks through fingers. How's my guilt trip working? ... oh. sorry. SOB, SOB, WAIL ...*

Ashley said...

Wooo!!! I'm really, really, really looking forward to Mercy's book!!!

Congrats on finishing Angel's Blood! I can't wait to be able to read it in the (near, i hope) future!

My only exciting news is that a friend I haven't seen in two years will be spending the weekend with me in two weeks! Yay for girly bonding time!
Have a good weekend!

Wendy said...

Congrats on finishing Angels' Blood!

I'm having a contest for a copy of Biting The Bullet by Jennifer Rardin on my blog. :)

bel_78 said...

Congrats on finishing the book, Nalini :)

Everything is more or less ok here, after some turmoil. If you are curious, check We had a "cacerolazo", and.. there is no translation for that.

Well, now things seem to be better, so I´ll go to the gym and try to forget about it :) Tomorrow I have to get up early to go to university :(

Anyway, I loved Jennifer´s idea :) More excerpts, please ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can not wait for Angel's Blood, Nalini! I am so interested in the other world you have created ^_^

And such teasing about Mercy! I can't take it! just a *little* hint at who her man is? Please?

This week has been horrid. School piled up (grad school is not all it's cracked up to be), but summer is starting to approach on the horizen. I might be able to dive into my TBR pile that is growing exponentially.

Gail Leinweber said...

This week was pretty boring, as classes started up again after spring break. All my fun is scheduled for next week when my local film festival kicks off. Over 200 movies playing (10 I'm going to). That will keep me temporarily distracted while I await the next books.

Shari C said...

Can hardly wait for September and Dorian's story in 'Hostage to Pleasure'; I also am looking forward to finding out much more about Ashaya and her son, Keenan.
Wow! It is wonderful to know after that I will have Mercy's story to look forward to then. I truly enjoy your series of books and hope they will continue for a long time. Congratulations on these wonderful stories and the hours of enjoyment you have given me reading them.

Anonymous said...

My week this week has consisted of reading your novels when I haven't been at work. I haven't done a stich of laundry, cooked or cleaned all week. Heh. It's a good job the other half is away at the mo...

I love these books. Love, love, love them. I'm just finished CBI and can't wait to start MTP.

However, the book I am most looking forward to now is Hawke's. Please tell me Hawke is going to have his own book? Pretty please? With cherries on top.

Lauren Murphy said...

Yay congrats on finishing! As for me I've done nothing. Nothing! Go you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing Angel's Blood Nalini! It must feel amazing!

I can't believe you're not having a break but are forging on with Mercy (although I am glad because I can't wait to read her book!). Do we get any hints about her mate in Dorian's book (please, please :)

As for me, I've had the last week as annual leave and have done next to nothing :( I should have done something (even going to the gym would have been a start) but I seem to have lost what little energy I had :(


Anonymous said...

orannia, I feel for you. I had a long weekend, and I had plans to get ahead (since I always seem to be barely keeping afloat this semester) and what did I do? Re-read some books by Nora Roberts and PC Cast. I did manage to get to the movies for the first time in ages ^_^

Anonymous said...

Oooooooohhhh Jennifer has a wonderful idea!

Another bit of Dorian--yay!

Pretty please, Nalini? *puppy eyes*

Anonymous said...

So I have just finished Mine to Pleasure.....I cannot believe we have to wait until SEPTEMBER for Hostage to Pleasure......

Gah! I hate waiting. :) *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Posess, even. (I'm such a dork.)

Nalini Singh said...

Sayuri - thank you! Hawke will absolutely have a book in the future.

Jennifer - I have something for you. Give me an hour or so. Not quite what you asked for but I think you'll like it *g*