Thursday, August 30, 2007

CBI News

A comment in yesterday's thread reminded me I need to put up a spoiler thread for Caressed By Ice. Since I don't want people stumbling onto it accidentally, and this seems the easiest way to ensure that, I'll backdate it and put a link in the sidebar.

But, since CBI isn't officially out yet, would you prefer I wait until after Sep 4 to put up the thread? Is it too much temptation? Let me know! (I admit it, I sometimes can't resist reading spoilers if they're there for the reading).

There is one other option - that I set up a yahoogroup specifically for discussion of the series and folks can just put a spoiler warning on their posts if necessary. I need a show of hands - what do you guys prefer?

Also, some GREAT news - CBI is going to be a Featured Alternate of the Rhapsody and Doubleday Book Club! Whee!! :)


Anonymous said...

Either way is good for me. I don't mind joining another Yahoo group, but I only seem to have time to read the digests, whereas I make a point of checking this blog daily. Go figure.

Also, I've been meaning to email you and let you know that I got the ARC of CARESSED (thank you!) read it (and loved it to pieces, thank you again!) and posted my review on B&N, GoodReads, and the Linda Howard Bulletin Board where I am a constant visitor. I want to say there's another somewhere, but I'm coming up blank.

When is the next one out?? : )


Sweet said...

Well I got my copy of CBI yesterday. I read it wayyyyyy to fast and now I'll have to do a slower re-read to digest all the new info. It was an excellent addition to the Psy/Changeling series. You have such an amazing mind Nalini to come up with such detailed original storylines. Your Series is one of the best in the paranormal genre.

Pam P said...

Congrats on the book club deals, Nalini!

I do like to read the discussions, even if I have to lurk, and do like the yahoo groups since they come right in my inbox and can be saved until I have time to read. But the blog is fine, too, since Google Reader is helping me keep up with them more.

Barbarita V said...

The yahoo group sounds great. Just special place for people to make their comments and ask questions. I haven't get my copy yet. I can't wait

Kati said...

My preference would be a spoiler section here, only because like Mai, I'm way better about checking blogs than I am about yahoo stuff.

Congrats on the Doubleday news. It's a fantastic book, and you deserve all the credit in the world!

ShellBell said...

I also like the idea of a spoiler section here as I do check the blog most days. The more places I have to go to in order to check things out, the less inclined I am to go there. One author I love has a message board, a Yahoo group, a MySpace page etc - she doesn't visit the message board much any more, and I'm not too sure about Yahoo and MySpace, but it always seems to be mainly the same information coming from the same people. Having just one place to go to (or two at the most) suits me.

Expecting CBI to be delivered today, so I will hyper all day at work. Can't wait to start it!

Anonymous said...

Mai - thanks bunches! :) And the novella's out Oct. The next full length book is out Feb.

Sweet - that a lovely compliment. Thank you. :)

Pam/Shell/Barbara/MaryKate - Thanks for all your comments. I think I'll go with the blog for now, maybe set up a group later if there's a lot of interest.

Anonymous said...

i was able to get the book this week on barnes and noble USA, and read it as soon as I got it. While I loved the first two books in this series, this one did not excite me as much as the others. Maybe because I read it too fast. I have to re read it to see if I feel different. However, while I was anxious to read about Judd, Brenna did not seem to be the right heorine for him. He kept talking about how strong and determined she was, when to me she seem to be a whiny mess. for example, in the end when Riley tells Judd if he ever makes Brenna cry, he would roast Judd over a fire pit (like he would even be able to do that) Judds, says oh Brenna would do that...Why he beleives that is not clear in the story.
while I am no where near claiming to be an author of books, nor am I trying to criticize your book, this story did not make me want to put this book by my bed and read it over and over again, like the first two in series.

Nalini Singh said...

Hi Lisa - sorry this story didn't work for you. Hope you'll carry on with the series though! :)