Friday, August 31, 2007

Weekly Catchup [Edited]

This week has zipped by at the speed of light for me. Where did it go?!

Re the spoilers - okay, looks like the blog is the easier option for most people, so what I'll do is set up a spoiler thread after the book's official release date (Sep 4). Only a few more days to go!! And then you can discuss away.

Also, today, I'm scheduled to guest blog on Jacquelyn Frank's blog. But since it's still yesterday on the other side of the world, that post will go up in about twelve hours time. Confused yet? Don't worry, I'll edit this to let you know when the post goes live. Post is live and we're talking Dangerous Heroes...oooh. Come join me!

And I joined Facebook. Blame my friends. If any of you hang out there, look me up.

Okay, what are you guys up to? How's the week been so far?


Anonymous said...

Boy! Having people on the other side of the world sure throws me off. It's not even 5:30 Thursday night and yours already says Friday. :)

My week is going well. I bought some stuff on amazon, got my laptop working fabulously and I'm reading a great book. Can't go wrong there. :D

Ashley said...

My week has been good. My son started 1st grade today, and I'm so happy. Though I wandered around the house for a while wondering what to do with myself. Then I went to Starbucks and Borders, bought some books...was a good day lol

Susan said...

The month of August has blown by at lightening speed. My daughter stared Kindergarten today. So I had a quiet afternoon while her little bro slept. It was so nice;) Plus she had a blast.

I am reading some books from my book self and still plugging away with writing. I cannot wait for CBI, I am trying to be patient....

wandergurl said...

i'm sick and facebooking ha ha ha! i have chucked a book at you and i see you are enjoying iread. enough facebook talk. am off to the doctor to get another shot of penicillin. it does look like i will spend the day and the weekend in bed instead of work where i should be.

Kati said...

I had a great week. Am feeling better after some sort of nasty summer-funk, and am looking forward to the holiday weekend. I SO enjoyed your visit to RBTB, and will visit over the Jaquelline Frank's blog too.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Nalini Singh said...

Kaitlin - isn't playing with a new laptop fun? Glad yours is working great.

Ashley, aw, that's so cute. I bet hewas excited to go to school.

Susan - sounds like another cutie! What are you writing at the momemt (if you want to share)?

Hugs on the bug, wandergurl. Maybe you can read in bed?

Glad you're feeling better MK. :) It was lovely to see you at JF's blog.

ShellBell said...

This week has been great for receivig newly released books, but bad on my sleep! Received Christine Feehan's Dark Possession on Wednesday, finished reading it at 12.30 Thursday morning. Received the fabulous Caressed By Ice by the FABULOUS Nalini Singh, finished it at 1.30 this morning. Received Beyond Seduction by Stephanie Laurens today, fortunately today is Saturday so no work and I can take my time reading it!

Anonymous said...

Shell - wow, 1.30! I love it!!! :)

ShellBell said...

Shell - wow, 1.30! I love it!!! :)

And it's all your fault too! Fabulous book and I just couldn't put it down until I had finished it.

Susan said...

My book is a romance with fairies and a hero, who is alpha but really struggling with some tough issues.

The short story I love. Another romance, I wrote for the Romance Diva's call for submissions. I have a few more revisions and need to format it and then I am going to submit it. I think it is a great story.

I have another novella I started for the Bravda contest, but frankly I am stuck, I thought I knew how I wanted it to end - but the heroine is not cooperating with me at all. Any advice there?