Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jump Start

Couple more links first:

Have you seen Lynn Viehl's new cover? Soooo pretty!

My friend Yvonne Lindsay is dipping her toes into the blogsphere, so swing by and say hi.

I, myself, am attempting to jump-start the brain this morning, so this post may lack some of my usual wit *cough* and verve *cough*. I'll be fine once I get some tea into me (I love caffeine). That's my jump-start tool - tea. What's yours? What do you do to get yourself going on those days where everything seems to be moving in slow motion?


Casee said...

I've seen it but I can't find anything else out about it!!

I love it. It's so pretttty!

Merry said...

Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. (Although, really, any form of caffeine will do!) But I don't usually have a drink until I get to work, so coffee gets me going while I wait for the computer to kick in.

katie g. said...

Coffee most definitely. I am currently sitting on my couch, drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying a bowl of cheese grits. Yum, yum!

LesleyW said...

Casee - I'm pretty sure there was an excerpt from it posted not so long ago, you might have to look back through the blog. And it is a stunningly beautiful cover.

And I'm another tea drinker, need two or three cups in the morning to get me going. :)

Nalini Singh said...

Casee - isn't it just? It's one of those covers that's going to leap off the shelves.

Merry - I hear you :)

Katie - Long time, no see!

Lesley - isn't tea a wonderful thing? I'm pretty sure I support a plantation somewhere in the world with my consumption.

danetteb said...

Lynn new cover is very smooth,I'm diggin the purple.

ShellBell said...

Definitely drinking far too much coffee lately, so have gone back to tea

Anonymous said...

Love the new cover, not been able to get into the Darklyn series though.

Coffee, lots of lovely coffee. Though I'm being all good lately and sticking with fruit tea; it aint the same!

Shannon said...

What a beautiful cover! I really thought I'd read some of the Darklyn series, but none of those look familiar....I feel a trip to the bookstore coming on!

As for what gets me going - Diet Coke. Really cold, straight out of the can, fizzy and yummy Diet Coke.