Thursday, April 05, 2007

International Covers Cont'd

Never say I can't take a hint. On the right is the Korean cover for Secrets In The Marriage Bed. None of the Korean covers I've received ever have people on them.

On the left is original cover for Awaken to Pleasure and below that is the German one. I really like both those covers.

Want to see more covers? Here's the link for some of the Craving Beauty international covers.

And here's the one for Desert Warrior, my first book, which has been published in an amazing number of languages. I still get excited every time I get copies of a foreign edition. Sometimes I even have to do a bit of detecting to figure out the language!


SharBee said...

Hi Nalini, I partic. like the German AOP one. It's a an interesting example of how different countries are marketed to. Perhaps the Korean market keeps to "non people" as they don't want to feature non-Asian faces? dunno.... all verrrrry interesting :)


Anonymous said...

Sharebee ~ that's an interesting point I never thought of that like that. There was a discussion on Romance in the Blog a little while ago about mutli-cultural relations in books and on covers as regards to marketing.

I really like the original Craving Beauty cover with the bracelets. (good read too)
But, and please don't take offence I don't like the original Awaken to Pleasure cover; to me she looks young and scared, there's something about it that puts me off.
I still love the VOH cover Vaughn with his animal print :) it's my favourite of recent buys.

UK we often have different covers to the US. Our Kelley Armstrong covers are far better ;) I like both JR Ward ones and prefer the US Koontz's cause ours are all white and get grimey smudges in the shop before I've even a chance to bring them home.

LesleyW ~ I love Scotland, hope you enjoy.

Nalini Singh said...

Shar - hmm, never thought about that. I'll have to ask if I ever meet one of the foreign editors again.

Clare - no worries. Everyone has dif tastes! And glad you enjoyed CB. :)

Nadia said...

Some Korean books have people on them (like Enchanted Inc) but it looked a bit cartoony.

BTW -- Your Korean title is not Secrets In The Marriage Bed. It's A Couple's Road (or journey, depending on how poetic you want to get). Also many Korean SD and HP books tend to be tamer because they cut out a lot of explicit sex from novels.