Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I've just realized that this is the first year I've blogged through Christmas. It's kind of fun - since the blogsphere is so quiet, you'll all just have to read my blog *grin*

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Want to share any good presents you got? I'm currently listening to one of mine - Westlife's "Love" album. According to my 'cool' friends, I shouldn't admit to liking Westlife in public but I'm at peace with my taste in music.

Ok, your turn!


Anonymous said...

I got a gorgeous "journey" style diamond necklace from my husband. It's just beautiful and sparkly.

And he's also done a wonderful job of handling everything these last few days as I've been down with a nasty cold. He's made all the dinners, done laundry, grocery shopped, cleaned, you name it. All I've pretty much done is take medicine, read, watch tv, and sleep. I will owe him big time when I get better.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

LOL I can't believe I'm online on Christmas day!

Half my office are in love with Westlife! The rest of us champion Take That ;)

I got loads; hubby totally spoilt me. Watched the Dr Who special on telly so got dark looks when I suggested popping in one of my Who boxset dvds! got some older Tom Baker ones too. There, enough of a geekout to make Westlife fandom look cool?!

One of my fav prezzies is the cutest, cuddliest Reindeer bear you can imagine; he's snowy white with a big red nose and adorable like my hubby who bought him.

Oh and a cd? The Hoff! ...no lie

Kris said...

I got a bunch of great books and a gift card to a bookstore. I also go the new Evanescence CD and lots of clothes.

Anonymous said...

I got a Zune. It's great. A lot of pple were trashing it for some reason though. That was probably my big ticket item although I got around $100 in book gift cards.

Nalini Singh said...

Nicole - oooh, sparkly is always good!

Clare - Yay, more Westlife fans *g* That reindeer sounds adorable.

Kris /Athena - The gift cards are my kind of present! Do you already have a list to spend it on?

Athena - Zune is an mp3 player, right? (I'm a bit clueless in that arena.)

Anonymous said...

Westlife has a new CD? I'll have to look it up. My friend got me into them a few years ago, love their first two cds.

I got some cool seashell necklaces and an anklet from a friend from her trip to hawaii and two of my good buddies surprised me at the last minute with an amazon gift certificate. Other then that, got a set of dog calendars (yay!) some cds (Janet Jackson, Nick Lachey) and dvds I'd been wanting. Not a bad haul lol

not12complain said...

Nothing wrong with Westlife! I got their CD as a prezzie from a friend. She even got them to autograph it!!! Super! You keen to go to their concert next year?

Nalini Singh said...

Lis - you made out!!

not12complain - they're coming to NZ?! We totally have to go join all the teenyboppers in the mosh pit *g*

not12complain said...

No, they are only coming as far down as Australia. *Sniff Sniff*. But I'm trying to get time off to hop across the ditch. You keen?!

Nalini Singh said...

We need to have a pow-wow about this!!