Monday, December 04, 2006

Party Cleanup & Denise's Winner!

Wow, what a party!! This will be the last official party post -I'll be editing it this evening once Denise has picked her winners (so if you haven't commented on her post yet, there's still time). And if you haven't already checked to see if you were a winner of a prize, please go back through the posts and have a look.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along to party with me and all the other authors. I hope you had fun!

It'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming from tomorrow (ie. a state of organized chaos). Have a great Monday folks!



On my, oh my! I loved your funny Christmas stories. You made it very difficult to pick, but it's pretty hard to top the fire brigade and a naked DH, don't you think? *LOL*

So, Barbara, you win the free download of Gift of the Goddess!

And because I can't resist cats, there's an oversized colour postcard of Mr Gorgeous for Cathy and Froggie. If you go here, you can see a photo of my cat, who likes to consort with dragons -

To collect your prize, email me - deniserossetti @ (no spaces)

Many blessings to you and yours for the holiday season. May all your dreams come true.



Estella said...

Had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Nalini and all of the authors for a wonderful blog party :)

Joan said...

Thanks Nalini, guest authors, and everybody else that was involoved in party!! I had a great time!!
Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

froggie said...

Thanks Nalini for a great time. I was lucky enough to be a winner, but I think we all benefited from joining in!

catslady said...

I didn't find you 'til later but I enjoyed it!

Ally Blake said...

I had a ball here Nalini. Tonnes of fun.

Now I wish I could stay and help clean up the tinsel, and wrapping paper, and ribbon, and prawn shells, and fruit skins and wet floor from all the playing in the pool, but I have a deadline you see...

Ciao for now!


Nalini Singh said...

So glad everyone had fun!! Let's do this again sometime (after I've recovered *grin*). Happy holidays back at you all.

Ally - no fair! ;)

Meljprincess said...

Thank you so much, Nalini. The party was a lot of fun and I've discovered some terrific new authors. I'm thrilled I won a book from Anna!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the party Nalini! It was fun.

Anna Campbell said...

Nalini, I've said it before, but I'll say it again - thanks for asking me to your party! I had a ball, dancing on the tables with a rose between my teeth and quaffing far too much cyber champagne. Thank you to everyone who commented - it was great to see people so involved. And I loved the posts from the authors. And congratulations to everyone who won a prize! Nalini, I'd love to help clean up too but, um... That's right - I've got a cyber hangover so I'm going to bed for the day. Bring me a cup of tea when you get the chance, thanks! Happy Holidays, everyone!

Denise Rossetti said...

Thanks so much for the party invitation. I had an absolute blast!
So sorry I have to slide off before the washing up, but you know how it goes...
Holiday wishes for everyone - keep well and happy!