Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Boss's Christmas Seduction - Yvonne Lindsay

I bought this book because Yvonne is a friend of mine and this is her first release (woohoo!). But I'm writing this review because I adored the story - so much so that I forgot I knew the author and just became entralled with finding out how it all ended.

Here's the blurb from Yvonne's site:
Connor Knight, the youngest of the Knight brothers, wants the one thing Holly Christmas could never give him - a child of his own. Holly wants what Connor has sworn never to part with again - his heart. Sleeping with her boss after the staff Christmas party was not the best career move Holly ever made - but on the anniversary of the day she was abandoned as a toddler, who could blame her for seeking a sense of belonging in the arms of the man she's secretly loved for years

For Connor, finding solace in his virgin secretary's arms is salve to his wounded heart after the shock discovery his ex-wife had terminated their child. What is Holly to do when she discovers she's pregnant with the child he never dreamed he'd have? She has to find the strength to face her deepest fears and find the answers to her past while standing up to Connor's determination that nothing will go wrong this time. They must both learn to break down the barriers they've built around their hearts and learn to trust in love again.

What really made this book stand out for me was Holly. She's a wonderful heroine that you just want to cheer on. Then there's Connor. He's a strong, alpha male but Yvonne did an awesome job of showing us how hurt he was by what his ex-wife did, and how badly it wounded him.

I also loved how these two talked - sometimes at painful cross-purposes because of their emotional scars - but they did talk, and talk about things that mattered. There are a lot of heart-wrenching moments and I'll admit I might've been a wee bit teary-eyed during some of it. Oh, and it's hot enough to burn. *g*

If I had one complaint about The Boss's Christmas Seduction, it would be that I wanted it to be longer. And in my eyes, that's not a bad thing to say about a book! Lucky for me, this is the first of the New Zealand Knights trilogy and the next book - The CEO's Contract Bride, comes out in Jan. (Though some of us shameless types might have twisted the author's arm and gotten an advance copy ;) ). I absolutely recommend this book - go grab a copy!!

I love discovering new writers to enjoy. What about you - any new or new-to-you discoveries this year?


Liz said...

Yes your one Nalini, and tons of others Doreen Orsini Skylar Sinclair

Joan said...

Yes, I enjoy discoving new authors. I get a kick out of seeing how authors see things and how they explain it.

Nalini Singh said...

Liz - thank you! :)

Joan - yup, me, too. It's so exciting to crack open a book with no preconceptions about the author's style.