Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunny Sunday

Things accomplished so far today.

1. Breakfast
2. Met with old friend
3. Two big boxes packed
4. Two loads of laundry done
5. 30/150 books signed for a promotion being run by Harlequin Japan where the prize is a signed copy of one of my books (color me ecstatic!)

And it's only 1pm!

No, I can't believe it either. Who is this hyperenergetic bunny? Oh yeah, I forgot to add:

6. Accidentally dowsing self and clothing in cold water when turned on shower instead of tap. Oh well, it cooled me off!

Want to share your weekend achievements?

(p.s. don't forgot to enter the giveaway before the deadline)


katie g. said...

1. traveled around the city showing my dad the place where I work and my local haunts
2. took a fantastic nap
3. meeting some friends at the local botanical gardens for a walk and rolling down a grassy hill for fun like a 5 year old.
4. cooked dinner for my father
5. watched tivo
(and that's just Saturday!)

Anonymous said...

I didn't do much, except for bloghopping and watching TV. I figured on Sunday I'm entitled!

Katy C. said...

1. Watched the World Cup Final
2. Did a load of dishes
3. 3 loads of laundry
4. Took a nap
5. Prepared a roast to be placed in the crock pot before I head to work in the morning so it will great me with the lovely smells of a ready meal when I return :o)

Nalini Singh said...

Olga, I want a Sunday like that soon!!!

Katie G and k8e, you're making me feel like a slob you're so active!

Anonymous said...

Let's see. Saturday consisted of waking up at hubby's aunt's house, packing, going over to other aunt's house, having breakfast and picking blueberries, then driving 8 hours back home.

Sunday consisted of getting up early to go to the baby panda Tai Shan's 1st burthday party at the National Zoo, then laying out at the pool.

Nalini Singh said...

Amanda - you got to go to a panda birthday party? How cool!