Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday Afternoon Philosophy

My house is clean. Very clean. In fact, I have no furniture. Living in an empty house is interesting - gives you a whole new perspective on things. It's kind of like when you begin to write a book - it's an empty house waiting to be filled with personality, with a thousand small touches that turn a house into a home. Some homes are cluttered, while others are very minimalist, but which is better depends on who you are. Exactly like a book.

That philosophical piece of writing comes to you courtesy of all the carbs in my system. I just returned from a pancake breakfast that streeeetched past lunch. All the food was golden brown - muffins, pancakes, corn bread and even the peach sauce, and the company brilliant. A great way to spend my last Saturday in Japan.

What're you up to? Any philosophical thoughts?


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a delicious breakfast. I wish my body could afford a few more calories.
Have a nice weekend and good luck on your new home!

Nalini Singh said...

Thank you, Barbara. :) (p.s. not sure my body can handle all the extra calories either *g*)