Monday, July 24, 2006

Cellphone Withdrawal

I just cut off my cellphone. It really feels like I'm leaving now - one week to go before I'm on a plane outa here! They call cellphones 'keitai' in Japan. And everyone has a keitai. I mean everyone.

I barely used my cell in NZ but man did I ever grow attached to my keitai here. I feel like I'm cut off. In the wilderness. I'm sure it'll pass (she says hopefully). Now I just have to find a new place to hang all my cool, sparkly keitai dangly things.

So, do you have a cell? And are you unnaturally attached to it?


Milady Insanity said...

Well, I wouldn't say I'm unnaturally attached to mine, but I do feel as though I've always had one.

Around here, you're weird if you don't have one.

Emma Sinclair said...

I don't have a real phone, only a cell.

Still, I don't really get into the ringtones and all that other stuff. I just need a phone that I can, you know, call people on.

Anything else is unnecessary for me.

Nalini Singh said...

Same here, Milady. They've even started to use cells to pay for things (like a swipecard!).

Emma - I'm basically like that, too. But I really liked the camera function. This phone cost me 1yen on a contract and it had all these cool gadgets that'd set you back hundreds in any other country!