Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Source of Love

Today's post comes to you late courtesy of the fact that I' ve been held hostage in a seminar room all day. The entire conference centre is deep in the mountains and surrounded by nothing and I mean nothing. It makes escape very, very difficult. But enough about freezing cold conference rooms, have a read of this:
The very source of love has been found. And is it that smouldering look exchanged across a crowded room? Those limpid eyes into which you feel you could gaze for ever? No. It's NGF, say unromantic spoilsport scientists who have made the discovery - that's short for nerve growth factor.

And now, the really deflating news: its potent, life-enhancing, brain-scrambling effect doesn't last. It subsides within the year of first falling in love - presumably within the same period it takes lovers to notice that the object of their affections can't get the lid on the toothpaste.
The above comes from the New Zealand Herald and was spotted by my bud Yvonne Lindsay (Desire's newest author): Wanna read the whole article? Click here. So, what do you think? (Personally I think the scientists' instruments must've been malfunctioning).

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