Saturday, November 05, 2005

I was abducted by aliens!

Of course the header is a horrible lie but I am a fiction writer. (As an aside, I wonder how many hits this blog will get from people wondering about alien abductions).

It's Saturday here and I'm wishing I had been abducted by aliens, because then I wouldn't feel compelled to clean the house. There are manuscripts stacked up all over my living room, my pen collection has spawned and taken over the entire table, and every time I try to put a cup of tea on the coaster, I have to move aside a stapler, several markers and a Hello Kitty notepad.

I think I have a stationery addiction. I also think the dust bunnies have begun a colony under the table and are now considering conquest.

However, not even housework can puncture my current bubble of happiness. (See yesterday's post). I hope all of you have a great weekend and I promise to write a serious, scholarly writing-related post next week...(See first line of this post).


Laura said...

Oooh, stationary addiction ~ I have that too! I can spend hours, and I mean hours in Officeworks. If I don't buy, then I drool over all the things I can buy. My weakness? Sticky notes. I have them in various shapes and sizes, with hilarious sayings on them. My students love it when I leave them a note on their work using one of my stickies.

Oh, and Nalini, I wasn't abducted by aliens, but I sure as heck looked like one today. Definitely not me. Went and had family portraits - oh my, the make-up, the hair, the glamour. Felt like a real diva.

Anonymous said...

Once again, congrats on the wonderful news, and hugs on housework!

Nalini Singh said...

Laura - sounds like a real glam shoot. I'm sure you looked beautiful and completey unalienlike. :) Everyone should be a diva once in a while don't you think?

And ooooh sticky notes. I love them, too. And colored staples - everyone should have colored staples.

Nalini Singh said...

Thanks, Olga!

Laura said...

Absolutely. Coloured staples rock. Mine are hot pink. Yours?

Nalini Singh said...

You're going to be so jealous - I have a multi-colored set!