Thursday, November 10, 2005

Aging Backward Gracefully

I've figured out one of the main reasons why I prefer to do my writing in big chunks. It's because I forget things if I spread it out over a long period. Like the the fact that I had a person leave ten pages ago and go far, far away. Then amazingly, they were back with no explanation as to how they'd returned (this would be because I forgot that they'd left in the first place).

I spent several minutes fixing that error, only to discover that my heroine had aged backward over the course of two chapters.

My brain hurts.


bina said...

hi nalini. use post it sticks 2 remind yourself where u finished, which character has left and any other resolutions. that said, i gotta remember that for myself!!!

if major boo-boo, turn into a flash-back or background info. weaving it in magically (sorry writtin it).

Nalini Singh said...

Hi Bina, I do usually write notes to myself but I'm in the thick of a story, I occasionally forget to um, check the notes. Lol. :)