Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Linkage

Fellow RWNZ member Maree Anderson just got her very first cover (from Red Sage). Swing on over and congratulate her.

Another RWNZer and debut author Sandra Hyatt is posting over at the Desirabelles blog - and she's got questions for readers.

Gena Showalter's giving away a signed copy of Jewel of Atlantis.

Author and agent Lucienne Diver is interviewed on My Favorite Author about her new book, Vamped. (Link via The Knight Agency)

Susan Crandall tells her first sale story over on Dear Author.

Saskia Walker has a picture of the boyfriend pillow up on blog. (I know we all secretly want one *g*).

Lynn Viehl is holding a contest to title her next story. And also via the PBW blog - Genreality is holding a First Sale theme week, with stories from Jason Pinter, Lynn Viehl, Alison Kent, Sasha White, and Carrie Vaughn.


orannia said...

Thank you Nalini! I have a question about the pillow though...does it purr :)

Maree A. said...

Wow! Thanks for linking through to me, Nalini. Didn't realize you'd done that till I spotted the incoming link info on my blog. You're a sweetheart! Of course, now I've discovered this, I'm procrastinating by checking out all the other news and links. Can't help myself ;-) Maree

Lady Maggie said...

Speaking of new covers i saw your newest Psy/Changeling one on amazon gotta say, looks awesome. i love the red swirlyness. :)