Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Reader Interview: Nichole a.k.a BookQueen

Tuesday is reader interview day. If you'd like to participate (you know you want to), the details are here. Without further ado, today's reader interviewee is Nichole a.k.a. BookQueen. Happy 10th anniversary in advance!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself

-I'm an avid reader.
-I'm a librarian.
-On October 18th my husband and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. And they said it wouldn't last!
-I have no human children but am "mommy" to 4 furbabies (cats).

2. Are you a hoarder or do you give your books away?

-A hoarder. It's getting a bit out of control, really. They're threatening to take over the house!

3. What author might tempt you into turning stalker?

-Harlan Coben: talented, good sense of humor and bald! Yum!

4. How susceptible are you to chocolate?

-Chocolate and I have a long standing and very satisfying relationship!

5. Favorite book? Why?

-Jellybeans for Breakfast. It's one of the first books I remember reading and I absolutely loved it! I've been crazy for books ever since.

6. If you knew you were going to be stuck on a desert island, what three things would you take with you?

-For my mind: my book collection
-For my stomach: chocolate, the darker the better
-For my heart: my husband

7. What did you eat for breakfast?

-Since it's Sunday, my husband and I indulged and made pancakes and bacon.

8. How many books in your current to-be-read pile?


9. Describe your idea of a perfect hero.

-It's such a cliche but tall, dark and handsome. Flawed. Sensual. Strong.


LesleyW said...

YAy! Another chocoholic. :)

And I could go for a tall,dark handsome hero too. :)

BookQueen said...

Mmmm....chocolate! As a little afternoon treat I'm having a square of dark choclate with cranberries and almonds. Mmmmm....

Shannon said...

Only 11 books in your TBR pile? I'm not sure if I'm feeling jealous or smug that I have so many more than that! LOL

I love that word, furbabies. I think I'm going to have to steal it for my own furbabies.