Thursday, May 31, 2007


I've got an interview up at Divas Diaries today, and I'm open for questions over there, so swing by and say hi. :)


Jennifer K. said...

I went back to the Divas site and saw what you said. My response, "Yea! A new excerpt! Lay it on me sister!"

Well, sister in the bonded-by-books sense. I mean, even though I've told my parents for years that I know I'm adopted because I just CAN'T have come from them, you and I look nothing alike.

You've got pretty brown skin and mine's definitely of the "white girl" variety. It's too bad the sun is bad for you. I'd like a tan year-round. I look so much better with some color to my skin -- brown color that is. Red is just wrong. Unfortunately, that seems to be MY color during the summer.

OK, I've rambled enough. And I think it's very cool that you know other languages. It's fascinating to find out if people think and dream in a different language. I dream in animation sometimes. That counts, right?

Nalini Singh said...

Jennifer, how much sugar have you had today? *grin*

Jennifer K. said...

Never enough, Nalini. Never enough. ;)