Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I don't know how I missed this when it went up originally, but here's a link to Nora Roberts' first sale story, which I just found the other day.

Also, I sent out the May Newsletter a few days back, so if you didn't get it, check it out on the yahoo group site. And you should really check it out if you're a fan of Sascha and Lucas. Trust me, you want to. No really, you want to. That's all I'm going to say. *walks off whistling innocently*

Lora Leigh has promised excerpts of upcoming books on her blog. Ooooh... Did I tell you guys she gave me the coolest quote for Caressed By Ice? Here it is:

"A dangerous, sensual adventure not to be missed."

Yay! :)

And if you didn't see it when it went up, Meljean Brook had an awesome interview up with a professional proofreader. By the way, Demon Moon (coming out June) is a wonderful, wonderful book. I'll be putting up a post on it soon.

Bookseller Chick has a great interview up with the Ja(y)nes behind Dear Author.

And finally, check out this link for Samhain editor Angela James' thoughts on professional editing services.


Joyce said...

Enjoyed your Sascha and Lucas short story!!

YvonneLindsay said...

Nalini, thanks for the link to NR's first sale story. I think I kind of forgot that even *she* had a first sale and how it must have felt to her. Great stuff!

Sweet said...

Thanks for sharing Nalini :) That was sooo cute to see them with the twins. I really enjoy seeing what happens to characters after their HEA.

Nalini Singh said...

Joyce - yay! I thought it was a fun story to share :)

Yvonne - I know, even Nora was once a newbie. Wow, I can't imagine that.

Sweet - thanks! Me too, esp with Sascha and Lucas.

Sweet said...

Ok I waited a whole day to post this didn't want to sound greedy ;) Are we going to get a peek of clay and his mate soon ? I know, I know you just gave us Sascha and Lucas. But I had to ask :)

abby said...

Well now, if I could read extra short stories about some of my favorite couples, I will definitely do so! lol So naturally, I joined your group. Anyway, that story was adorable! I liked how the twins and Sascha seemed so intrigued with Lucas' story, and then of course, the ending had me laughing.

Do you have anymore short stories? I wouldn't mind reading them. hehe

Nalini Singh said...

Sweet - LOL! I haven't finished the ms yet BUT I will be sending out a preview of the novella next month. How's that?

Abby - no full stories, just bits and pieces. But who knows, I might just surprise you one of these days... ;)

Sweet said...

Thats awesome Nalini and can I ask a question what does ms stand for?

Nalini Singh said...

Oops, sorry: ms = manuscript!