Friday, May 04, 2007

Weekly Catchup

Okey dokes, I've been thinking - this blog is fairly laid back. I post all over the board and really, that works for me. But I was wondering what you all would think of making Friday the Weekly Catchup day? (Yep, I know it's still Thursday in some timezones but reading this blog will make the time fly by!).

I thought we could reserve this day to talk about whatever's been happening over the past week - bookwise, newswise, anywise you want to interpret it. Work for you guys?

So, to kick us off - the copy edits for Caressed By Ice are done! Woohoo! I'm now working on copy edits for Beat of Temptation (my novella in the An Enchanted Season anthology). I'm also polishing up a workshop I'm giving tomorrow to my local writer's group (more on that tomorrow).

Okay, now catch me up on you!


Kaitlin said...

Well, my life is pretty boring, but that's okay. :) Been spending time working (like always), playing the Sims 2 because it's so stinkin' addicting, talking to my boyfriend on the phone cuz he lives in Idaho & I'm in Oregon. The basic stuff. You're all caught up on me now. LOL! :)

abby said...

It's my finals week, so I'm studying, studying, studying! I'll be done on Saturday, so thank goodness. Earlier, I had my eyebrows waxed at this spa I always go to. Usually, everything turns out fine, but not today. I had a different lady help me, and she ended up burning me. My skin is still irritated, and it's red. Ugh. If it doesn't get better tomorrow morning, I'm going to call the spa.

Shannon said...

Woohoo! Congrats on getting the copy edits done!

I had a huge presentation on Tuesday so this week has mostly been spent feeling relief that it's over. I don't mind the talking so much, it's all the time spent preparing and being afraid I'll get asked some horrid question I'm not prepared for - which never happens. Not yet, anyway.

And now it's almost the weekend - Saturday is Cinco de Mayo and the margaritas and Mexican food are calling my name! Happy Friday!

shelley said...

Well, I've just turned in a book, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that good news will follow. And, all going to schedule, I'm thinking I might come and heckle you at the meeting tomorrow. How does that sound? ;)

Sara Hantz said...

I'm playing catch-up on all the motel admin, because we're off to Fiji on Sunday for a week YAY!!!!!!

I'm also trying do do some more work on my latest YA, but not very successfully.

Hope the workshop goes well.

LesleyW said...

LOL - my life is also quite boring.

Question is Beats of Temptation a Psy/Changeling novella?

Catch-up with me.

Hmmm. My internet finally seems to be working - maybe shouldn't have said that.

I'm also working on a novella at the moment, just seeing how it goes. As a break from working on my WIP.

And I have an assignment which was due in today which I haven't got finished because of the killer migraine I had yesterday.

Oh and I'm trying to work out if I can afford to go to Edinburgh next weekend (probably not), or if I will go anyway (quite likely).

Nalini Singh said...

Kaitlin - everyone's life is interesting to a writer. We're ridiculously nosy *g*

Abby - good luck with finals!! And ouch on teh eyebrows. Fingers crossed it gets better.

Shannon - Happy Friday back at you! And yay on surviving the presentation.

Shelley - naw, you're way to nice to heckle *g*

Sara - wooot, Fiji!! Lucky you. Have fun in the sun.

Lesley - yes, it's Nate and Tamsyn's backstory. :) Good luck with the assignment and novella. They're quite fun to write I think, use a different set of skills. Maybe I should blog about that one day hmmm...

danetteb said...

Hi Nalini,
Congrats on the copy edits!
I've still got my week of Fantstic Five interviews going on on my blog , today I've got C.E.Murphy,she'll be dropping in if anyone has any questions for her. Saturday is with Beth Ciotta...Plus,I finished my final,I don't know my grade yet but I'm glad it's summer for me.
Hugs, Danette

clare said...

I'm nosy too :)

Nothing doing here though LOL

Just got home from work and doinf a quick email/blog check before heading out the back with my tea and a Brockmann to read.

Supposed to be working on finishing of my nano story but haen't even finished reading it over yet.

Hubby and I are both off work tomorrow (Sat) so hoping to go to the beach or something and enjoy the sun and togetherness.

Casee said...

I've been in soccer/baseball/ballet hell. Soccer is officially over as of 7:30 last night, I'm happy to report!

I just read a Holly Lisle book that was awesome! I really love her.

Congrats on getting the copy edits done! Is the anthology part of the Psy series? I have to say, as a reader, I'm not really crazy about anthologies unless I like ALL the authors. But I'll have to pick yours up. :)