Friday, May 11, 2007

Weekly Catchup

It's weekly catchup time. What have you been up to? I went to buy a new microwave after the old one went bye-bye. Woohoo, excitement! *g* Seriously, it is excitement. Have you tried living without a microwave? Not good.


Barbara V said...

I hear you. Last summer I went to visit my husband family in Cuba and more than a couple of times I felt like pulling my hair when I had to turn the stove on just to warm some milk for my daughter.
What can I say?
I love technology!

Kaitlin said...

Work...lots and lots of work. Did by the latest Shanna Swendson book. It was very good. :)

Not much else going on though. Kind of sad, really. LOL!

Susan said...

It is spring here in the US and I have been very busy in the yard. Planting flowers, watering said flowers and pulling weeds.

We just bought a new TV. Our old one was on its last leg for over a year, but since blue stopped being a choice about a month ago, we decided to spring for a new one. Blue is an important color!

danetteb said...

I don't know what I'd do without a microwave,my kids wouldn't be able to cook their favorites *g*......I've been fighting a toothache for the past wee,the dentist can't see me until the end of next week.....On a plus side I've got an interview with Kerrelyn Sparks on my blog Friday....I watched Music and Lyrics and Because I Said So and they both made me cry. Thanks Nalini.*g*

Sweet said...

Shudders to think about life without a microwave. No microwave popcorn, gasp I couldn't live.
I really haven't been doing anything. Read a good e-book called Alien Overnight from EC. I've just recently discovered e-books so I'm buying them left and right. I need to stay away from EC.

Darla said... will we eat! lol

Hello Nalini! I'm Darla! I hang out alot at Gena Showalter's blog...ain't she something! Anyway, I wanted to tell you that your PSY books are great and I've enjoyed a few hours hours (only a few because they kept me rivited until the end) reading them and look forward to CBI!!!

Good Luck in the future! Here's to many more in the PSY series!

Nalini Singh said...

Barbara - I'm with you on technology. Puts a whole new spin on time-travel romances doesn't it? And yet I still think the Wild West sounds fun!

Kaitlin - I worked this week, too. My brain is very tired LOL Hope you get a rest in the weekend!

Susan - oh yeah! I love blue :)

Danetteb - ouch on the toothache, but yay on the interview!!

Sweet - I used to eat microwave popcorn for dinner in the days of my youth. Good times *g*

Darla - Hey! Welcome :) And thanks bunches for the compliments. I agree - Gena is seriously awesome!