Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ups & Downs

The plan this week was to get some reading done. These are books I've been waiting to read for a really long time. But for some reason, I can't get into any of them. I'm reading one right now and I know I'm not doing it justice.

Has this ever happened to you? What did you do to snap out of it? My plan is threefold - first, I'm being drawn toward my keeper shelf, so I think I'll surrender and dive into a couple of stories that I know I'll love. Second, I think I'm going to take a step back from romance and read a few thrillers and sci-fi/fantasy novels. Sort of like cleaning the palate to experience something like new. And third - I'm going to speed up this round of edits on Caressed By Ice. Writing always makes me want to read - one passion feeding another?


Angelle said...

Yes. But even when I go back later, I rarely find them enjoyable. If a book can't keep me interested, it just can keep me interested. The crappiest is when I had very high expectations because of pub hype or whatever and get really disappointed. I never pick up such authors twice.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I've been rereading and reading nonfiction because I'm on a fiction slump.

Except that I really want to finish the 2 unfinished books I have--David Marusek's Counting Heads and Lucinda Betts' Night Spell--and move on to my growing TBR pile.

I tend to find that when I'm about to hit one of my more creative periods, the amount of reading I do tends to drop. Then when it actually hits, I pick up books again.

Olga said...

I also hate it when the book disappoints me. But normally I read a lot and loving every minute of it.

Emma Sinclair said...

I said this yesterday on my blog, but I'm in a paranormal slump. Particularly vampires. I'm totally vamped out!

So, I'm stepping away from paranormals lately. Actually, I've been mostly reading craft books lately. Pretty good way to refill the well.

Nalini Singh said...

Hi Angelle, May, Olga & Emma :) Guess what? I'm glad to report the slump has been broken! And by a new to me author - I'm reading P C Cast's Divine By Mistake and really enjoying it. I picked up several others but this is the book that did the trick.

Jennifer K. said...

Hey, Nalini,
So ... this Ice book you're working on ... what's it about? Is this the one with the male Psy? I think you should give us lots of details. Is it the younger Lauren brother who's living with the wolves now?

Inquiring minds REALLY want to know.

Nalini Singh said...

Hmm, to be a tease or not to be a tease... *g*

Male Psy - confirmed.

As to the this space!

Jennifer K said...

*deep frown*

You know, teasing is NOT an attractive quality in an author.

FULL DISCLOSURE is preferred ... by readers.