Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Emails Eaten

I think my email program ate most of the emails that came in over the past 12 hours, so if you contacted me, pretty please resend.

You know, I wonder what people did before the Internet. Carrier pigeons? *g* And here's a question - when's the last time you wrote an actual pen and paper letter?


Bronwyn Jameson said...

I did a snail-mail letter on the computer on letter-head and everything a couple of weeks back and put it in an envelope and mailed it (not e-mail.) Does that count?

PS: I think you should no that the word "hot" appears in my word verification. I think blogger has been reading your book on the sly. ;-)

Nalini Singh said...

Totally counts! Was there a stamp? *g*

LOL about blogger! :)

Bronwyn Jameson said...

I can't believe I spelled "know" as "no." *eye-roll*