Saturday, September 09, 2006


I'll be chatting at the Fallen Angel Reviews Chat Room on:

Saturday Sep 9th - 9p.m. EST

(For the Kiwis, that's 1pm Sunday our time) Come join me!

So what do you all think about chats? Do you attend any? Fun?


Olga said...

Nalini, sorry, I missed your chat! I hope it went great! As for your questions, I attend chats sometimes if they are held by my friends, or if it is the author I love to read, or - mostly - both!

Loretta said...

I plan on doing the chats, but forget to write down when they are and end up forgetting them. I have only done one chat.

Nalini Singh said...

Hey Olga - thanks, it went great. :)

Loretta - lol, I'm a bit like you. I have to remind myself over and over to turn up!

Edith said...

I don't know where your chat was (just visiting your site when lots of people praised your books on the romanticsf group at yahoo.) but I don't care for chats cause they're usually a mess. At least they are at writerspace, where people send off-topic messages to each other while the chat is going on.

Nalini Singh said...

Hi Edith - thanks for coming by. :) I haven't done that many chats but I agree with you - some of them are very disorganized. The best I've seen have a moderator who makes everyone follow the rules so the chat isn't taken over by personal chatter.