Thursday, September 28, 2006

How to win friends & Influence people

Today I thought I'd take a crack at some shameless self-promotion: Yesterday I sent out the backcover blurb for Visions of Heat to members of my newsletter - they get to see lots of things first. Doesn't that sound like something you want to join? *grin*

So, let's talk promo: How many of you belong to author newsletters? Why do/don't you join? What can an author do to entice you to join?

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Emma Sinclair said...

Well, I got your newletter, but I decided to NOT read the excerpt because I figured it would make the wait more bearable if I didn't already know what to expect.

I'm a member of a fair number of author newsletters. I like well, news. And excerpts if I don't have to wait MONTHS to read the book. ;)

Barbara said...

I like newsletters because they keep me inform about new releases and other news. I am subscribed to about 5-8 newsletters including you Nalini. I love to receive them, many of them have exclusive contest for newsletters members only. I also get to read excerpts in advanced.

Nalini Singh said...

LOL Emma!

Thanks for the answer Barbara :)