Thursday, August 17, 2006

Off to Conference I go!

I'm attending the RWNZ Conference from tomorrow and my excitement is building! It's such a buzz to be surrounded by so many other readers and writers who love romance. Though there are going to be some fabulous workshops, what I'm most looking forward to is catching up with friends scattered across New Zealand and Australia, and meeting online friends in person (some for the first time).

I promise to take lots of pictures (and hope they don't go blurry like last year) and give a full report when I return. I'm also doing my first talk in the main hall (holding all the attendees) so wish me luck!

In other awesome news, check out the review that Rosario did for Slave to Sensation. Here's a part of it:
...Sascha and Lucas' initial adversarial relationship soon becomes one of the most convincing and beautiful romances I've read lately. It's got it all, both sexual tension so thick and hot it will curl your toes (and the pay-off! Those love scenes, oh, my!), and a lot of feeling behind it.
I also love that she liked it so much that she gave up "an extra hour of being pampered in the spa in order to finish it"!! :)


The next post will probably be up late on Sunday or early Monday so I thought I'd leave you with a question: What do you most like about conferences/writer's meetings?


Cynthia E. Bagley said...

I don't know because I have never been to one. When I was living in Germany, Lynn (Romancing Paradise), Patricia (Colonial Scriptor), and I used to meet up for coffee and to compare our writings. It was fun. But we knew each other well and trusted each other.

Louisa Edwards said...

Not to get all 70's about it, but it's really a vibe thing, I think. Especially when you're talking romance, you're talking lots of girl power. And when you get that many creative women together in one place, it's just kind of magic. Gossipy, too, but it can be very inspiring. Have a great time!

Nalini Singh said...

Cynthia - I think good conferences give you that same sense of community and friendship, just on a larger scale.

Louisa - yes! :)