Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Conference Roundup:TV Interview

The conference kicked off with a bang for me on Friday. Why? Because I was on tv! The RWNZ publicity officer sent out press releases about the conference and got a call from Breakfast, a live magazine style show on a major channel. They wanted a romance writer and a conference organizer. So off we went - me and Joanne Graves, president of RWNZ.

It was a fun experience. First we went into makeup where they just touched us up a bit, then into the Green Room where we could see the show on a big tv. It was odd to know that it was all happening in the studio just next door. One of the presenters came out to chat with us for a few minutes and get some extra background for the interview, which was sort of surreal in itself. We'd just seem him on the tv screen and now there he was shaking hands with us.

We went on after the 8.30am news break, tiny microphones clipped to our tops. Oddly enough, I don't think either of us was nervous at all because it didn't feel like being on tv. We were just on a couch having a chat to the presenter interviewing us, and the cameras were like big pieces of furniture moving around. The interview itself went great - the interviewer was fascinated by the idea of vampires in romance ie. Do women actually fall in love with vampires in these books? I don't think he could see the attraction. *g*

Five minutes of talking about the conference, the paranormal genre and romance writing in genre and we were done. At which point we started wondering if we'd looked alright. The reviews were glowing ;) Seriously, it was amazing how many people saw it. I had a look at the taped version and all I could think was "is that what I really sound like?" but I think overall it was something that people would've watched. The Breakfast people must've thought so too because they reran it on Saturday in their weekly roundup. Afterward one of my shocked best friends (who is not a writer) rang me to ask me what I was doing on tv!

So there you go - now you can all say you know a bona fide tv star! *g*

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