Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Conference Roundup: Friday

The Friday workshops at the conference were great but I missed the afternoon ones as I headed off to the Harlequin authors lunch. It was held in this restaurant that has a tiny doorway outside that I'd never before noticed, but which is absolutely lovely inside. Needless to say I ate rather a large amount of food (that chocolate desert mmmm).

(I was going to post some pictures in here but blogger's having none of that so I'll try to post those later in the day.)

Friday was also the occasion of the Tickled Pink cocktail party. People interpreted the theme in a number of ways, including pink feather boas, a pink jacket (on a man) and pink bunny ears. That last was me. I walked into a friend's room sans ears and it was decided that I needed a little more decoration. *g* It was a fun night - check out Sara Hantz's blog for some pictures. I got to meet Sara in person, too, which was awesome.

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