Monday, August 28, 2006


RTB's posted up a list of reader/writer forums "where you can share your thoughts about books you love or network with other writers". They've got a good list up there, including some places I didn't know existed.

I think forums can be fun and informative, especially if you find one with a positive vibe to it. But going back to the RTB quote, I'm curious - those of you that take part in forums, why do you do it? Is it more to touch base with readers who have the same interests as you, or do you want to talk to the writers?


Milady Insanity said...

I'm not a member of any of the RTB listed ones. Most of my romance reading is from blogs. Well, not an active member anyway--I think I've a Romance Divas membership.

I'm usually at Lilith Saintcrow's or Patricia Lewin's forums, where I've modly duties.

Nalini Singh said...

I've never hung out on a writer's forum. Do they stay very focused on the particular writer or tend to expand to be more general?