Friday, June 09, 2006

Shameless Bragging Day

As the title of this blog says, I'm declaring today Shameless Bragging Day. So, tell us something you're proud of, whatever that might be, book-related or not. On the other hand, if you do have a new release or an awesome cover, feel free to post about it! Brag, toot your own horn, bask in the glow. And most importantly, feel no shame!

Here's my bit: I got a fan letter (as in actual paper and pen) from Africa!! How cool is that?!


katie g. said...

I'm bragging because YOU linked me on your blog and that's pretty cool. I was pretty stoked about that!

Nalini Singh said...

I'm the reason for a brag! How rocking!

Katie, I have a confession to make. As much as I like reading your blog, it's really Teddy who I wait for tee hee ;)

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Nalini, is it ok if I get back to you on some novel-bragging (with me as author) in about a 100 years? And yes, the Africa bit is cool. Have a lovely weekend.
God Bless

Milady Insanity said...

I've just read PBW's Dark Need. Squeeee!

Oh and I get to read Slave To Sensation this weekend! Can't wait! Nalini, is your head getting any bigger? *g*

And I'm on vacation until July 10th. Definitely worth bragging about.

You got a HANDWRITTEN letter? That's so cool! I think that's a sign I spend too much time online.

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

My big brag is I just finished a 100-page technical manual. Yahoo! It was the longest piece of work that I have ever done. It is in the editing stage.

My other brag??? Ummm well I have not been in the hospital since Nov. last year. ;-)

Bebe Thomas said...

I'm bragging because I just got my first review for Aurora's Passion - 4 stars. Yay!

Nalini Singh said...

100 years, right, that's in my diary now *g* Hope you have a good weekend, too, Susan.

Milady - my head just exploded ;) Enjoy the book! :)

Cynthia, yay on both pieces of news. Fingers crossed your good health continues!

Go Bebe! That's a lovely cover btw.

Olga said...

Nalini, congrats on the fan mail from Africa!

Nalini Singh said...

Thanks, Olga. It was a very nice surprise. :)