Thursday, August 25, 2005


I heard on the news last night that blogging is so last year. Apparently, the hot new thing is vlogging. What, you may ask, is vlogging? The word is made up of video + blogging = vlogging. And that's just what it is - people broadcasting their thoughts via video rather than writing them down in a weblog.

I was an innocent to all this until yesterday but I typed the word into Google and came up with hits galore. Here's one that links to an article in Wired magazine which explains the new trend.

Now since I'm such a trendsetter, you might imagine that I too may go into the brave new world of vlogs. The idea of looking presentable every single day is just too much to contemplate. I'm at peace with the fact that I'm a writer and as such, I write. But it does bring up an interesting question - will vlogging draw a different kind of author/audience than blogging? What do you prefer?


not12complain said...

I think blogging is so much better... well unless the blogger is a Hunk!!!hahahah.. but then it'll just be a drool session rather than intelligent conversations.

Nalini Singh said...

See, I knew we were having intelligent conversations! ;)