Friday, August 05, 2005

Books, Writing & Gold Shoes

How do you feel when you read a really, really good book? As a writer, sometimes I get an attack of the 'I'll never write anything as good as this' but that's rare. Most usually, I'll be inspired by the joy I found in reading, my need to create being fed by the experience. Other times, I'm made incredibly happy by finding an author who has that unique ability to take me away, to make me believe in the world they've created, to draw me in so deeply that I forget everything but getting to the end. That for me, is the ultimate reading experience. What about you? How do you feel after reading an awesome book?

And on the writing front, under no circumstances is anyone to tell my editors that I've been lazy for seven days in a row. My fingers are starting to itch from the need to write but what am I to do when certain parties who shall not be named drag me off to shop? Everyone needs a pair of spangly gold sandals don't they?


Anonymous said...

Of course! Spangly, gold sandals are a definite necessity.

I understand how you feel about reading a good book. Usually when my muse takes off on sabatical when I read a good book, she gets inspired again.

It's a hard feeling to describe, like uncontained excitement wells within until it burst on the pages.

Gena Showalter said...

I've endured that same feeling, like I'll never be that good. The other one is much better, the one of inspiration. Ah, there's nothing better.