Friday, August 26, 2005

Heads up

In my continuing quest to drive everyone crazy figuring out what timezone I'm in, I'm off on a jetplane again. Next time I post, it'll be from Japan. Catch you in a couple of days!


Barbara said...

Hi Nalini!
Too bad is using this blog for something else. How do you do with times changes? It must be hard to deal with that.
Take care

Anonymous said...

You have been spammed!

Barbara said...

Thanks Kendra!
I didn't even check into the links. I assumed that it was spam. However it bother me that people use this blog for something so stupid.

Nalini Singh said...


Nalini Singh said...

Yes! They're all gone! :)

Kendra - they must've followed me from your site ;)

Barbara - the time changes weren't too bad this time because it was only 4 hours or so. The hardest part was transit where my brain thought it was midnight but the time was 8pm in KL and I had to wait till almost 1am KL time to fly out. I was a zombie. But a good sleep too care of that! :)