Thursday, August 18, 2005


I've written the workshop, matched the shoes to the outfits and (almost) packed. From tomorrow, I'll be attending the RWNZ Conference and I can't wait. Now, you may not understand my excitement until you realize that I've spent two years living surrounded by rice fields.

It's an undoubtedly beautiful place but seriously lacking in its ability to provide meaningful face to face contact with other romance writers (or readers come to think of it). So, while I'm talking a mile a minute with friends I haven't seen for a couple of years in some cases, why don't you tell me something about the places where you live or have lived? I'd love to know who's reading this blog, where. :)

I'll be back Sunday with a conference report so start posting!


Barbara said...

Now I lived in CT and the weather is beautiful. In the summer I get to go to the theme parks and have fun. However I don't like the beaches here the water is always to cold even when the temperature is 90.F.
The fall is around the corner and I loved the season changes. It's beautiful to see the trees leaves turning into an orange red. I also like the winter but not the cold. I loved the snow and the naked trees. Spring is my favority season beacuse it's the season of life.
I missed my country Cuba because it's always warm in there, with beautiful beaches. However in CT I get to see the season changes and I loved that

Trish Milburn said...

Hope you have fun at the conference. I'm in Tennessee, where we're in the toasty summer season. We've been having temps in the mid 90s (F) up to around 101 with heat indexes higher. But that will start to cool down, always does soon after Labor Day (early September).

Bronwyn Jameson said...

I'm in rural Australia surrounded by green wheat fields to which I'm a good match because I'm green with envy over you at the RWNZ conference this weekend. Looking forward to hearing all about it next week!

Nalini Singh said...

Isn't it amazing how we all live in such different places and yet on the internet, we find the same 'places' to inhabit?