Friday, April 15, 2022

Friday Book Club

 Friday Book Club time! What reads are you loving this week?


AlwaysV said...

When Blood Lies by C.S. Harris ~ #17 of the Most Fantastic Historical/Mystery/Romance series Ever! Gripping ~ captivating ~ intense ~ heartbreaking ~ & more! This installment occurred in Paris but the others in the series were set in Regency London.

For a non History lover like me ~ I was so intrigue I had to read tons of historical facts of what happened in France in March 1815! As well as about Napoleonic Wars! Plus more of the Reign of Terror!

However ~ I was aware that facts were still written by people! No one could stop human emotions & freedom to think & to have and hold specific point of view ~ and then intentionally or not ~ their work would be influenced by all of those!

The author herself is a true historian with rich background in intelligence ~ plus fluency in languages other than English. But the winning point for me ~ she can sure write exquisite romantic stories!

Patricia Schlorke said...

Just a re-read of books until Catie's and Danny's book comes out.

S-R-B said...

Slowly but surely working on The War of Two Queens by Jennifer Armentrout. Been in a big reading slump since October and only read five books in that time, all but one being library books I'd been waiting on (including current one) and those sort of need to be read ASAP, regardless of my ill-desire to sit down and read. I have five bought-books I've yet to read - including Archangel's Light! I've genuinely never had more than 2-3 books in my TBR's almost embarrassing.

library addict said...

My favorite new read this week was Shannon Stacey's Through the Rain, an angsty marriage in trouble novella with heart and humor.

I also enjoyed Rebecca Crowley's Two Nights to Forever (Orchard Hill #2).

Reread Rock Hard, Cherish Hard, Rebel Hard, and Love Hard. So I am all ready for May 3rd.

And I am in the middle of Shield of Winter in my complete Psy/Changeling series reread.

Eva said...

I still enjoy a certain Rugby player...
Hm... I loved your cookie-idea Nalini. - It´s sexy!