Friday, August 14, 2020

Friday Book Club

 Friday Book Club time! What reads are you loving this week?


library addict said...

Continuing the lovely Earthsinger Chronicles series by L. Penelope. This week I read Whispers of Shadow & Flame (Earthsinger Chronicles #2) and Hush of Storm & Sorrow (Earthsinger Chronicles #2.5). Currently reading this week's new release, Cry of Metal & Bone (Earthsinger Chronicles #3) and next up will be the free short story Coda of Storm & Sorrow (Earthsinger Chronicles #3.3).

I don't normally push people to read other series, but seriously, if you love the intricate worldbuilding of the Psy/Changeling universe you will love this series as well. There are no shapeshifters or Psy, but there is magic and an intriguing cast of wonderful characters! So while the premises of the series have little in common (other than romance!), the attention to detail and use of multi-POV storyarcs are similar. As is the way she weaves the storyline backwards in time in the novellas between the full-length books to bring secondary characters to the forefront and provide additional layers of information. So like the Psy/Changeling series, you could just read the full-length books and be fine, but reading the novellas provides more info, romance, and fun!

If you are new to the books, I highly recommend getting the expanded edition of Song of Blood and Stone (book #1) as it has an additional storyline woven in that becomes important in book 3. Plus you will love Ella & Benn. In print it's the paperback "Special Earthsinger Edition" rather than the hardcover. If you buy digitally I think you get the expanded version.

Anonymous said...

Reading 'Midnight Sun' - Twilight from Edwards POV :) Takes me back to my teen days :)

Kelticat said...

Continuing with the blast from the past Dagger Magic and Death of an Adept by Katharine Kurtz and Deborah Turner Harris thus finishing the Adept series.
Also read The Sinner by J.R. Ward.

Anonymous said...

Not much time this week for reading, but I interrupted my re-read of the Eve Dallas stories for a re-read of 'Alpha Night'. It was definitely better than ever.