Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Online Event with Ilona Andrews and Amanda Bouchet

Hi everyone! I'm doing an online event with Ilona Andrews and Amanda Bouchet on August 26th. If you'd like to attend, please register via this link, as spaces are limited.
If the registrations fill up, you'll be able to attend and ask questions via the Cary Library's Facebook page. (We'll share that link closer to the time).
See you there!


library addict said...

Ooh, fun.

Patricia Schlorke said...

I'm at work during that time. Hope everyone has lots of fun!

By the way, loved "Beary Tiny Ghosts" (the short story in the newsletter that came out for August). It was so cute, adorable, and funny.

Unknown said...

My mom and me love the little story of the little gangsters I wish I could have lik see this thing but I'm so busy I have a lot of stuff to do and also can't wait for archangel son audiobooks is cool