Monday, June 11, 2018

Ocean Light Is Almost Here!

Signing preorders at Mighty Ape #oceanlight #psychangeling #eeep #youshouldseetheboxesoutofshot #handworkout


Anonymous said...

Excruciating last few hours ! Ha ha ha ....

Kathryn T said...

Just had an email from them to say mine is on its way. Happy thoughts!

library addict said...

That's a lot of books :)

Only 17 hours + 9 minutes. I was too excited to sleep, but will need a nap so I can at least start reading at midnight.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited!!! Can't wait for the book

Lesa said...

Oh, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow! I can barely wait here in th US.

Anonymous said...

Not much longer. Just about 7 hours to go! Tomorrow morning when I get up very early for work, download time.


Patricia S

Anonymous said...

Oh, one more thing. Breakaway by Michelle Diener came out today. Very good book. It's part of the Verdant String series (technically book 1).

Patricia S

library addict said...

Sob :(

Went to buy the book and Kobo has "We are performing scheduled maintenance and will be back up at 2 AM EST. We apologize for any inconvenience."

I should just buy from Google Play, but I nearly always have trouble downloading new releases there until (the last four times I've bought hot new releases at midnight I've ended up having to get a refund as they wouldn't download or had to wait until afternoon to download.)

I am so, so, so sad :( I wanted to start the book.

Times like this I wish I drank alcohol. (I just don't like the taste, so I have none in my house).

library addict said...


After refreshing for 20 minutes before posting the above sad rant, I decided to check one more time before going to bed and the site is up.

Book bought. Yippee!

Off to read about Kaia & Bowen.

Enjoy everyone (and I hope you all have an easier time buying the book - lol).