Wednesday, December 02, 2015

2016 Release Update

Two things:

Secrets at Midnight, my novella from the NIGHT SHIFT anthology, will be out as a stand-alone ebook on August 2, 2016. Follow the link to read an excerpt.

And WILD EMBRACE, the new Psy-Changeling anthology is scheduled for release August 23rd, 2016 in North America. No news yet on the international release date (Nobody panic! It's early days yet.). Excerpts to come a little closer to the release.

It's not up for pre-order everywhere yet, but where it is, it may be showing up as Wild Embrace: A Psy-Changeling Novel. That's an error that we're fixing. It's an anthology of all new Psy-Changeling material: two normal sized novellas, one supersized novella, one novelette. Lots of Psy-Changeling goodness.

Thanks to Library Addict for reminding me to announce this!


Pamk said...

whoohoo a belated birthday present. Thanks a bunch.

library addict said...

No problem. I am excited for so much Psy/Changeling goodness in 2016.

Happy Belated Birthday, Pamk.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Can't wait to read the new Psy/Changling anthology and all the other Nalini awesomeness next year. Thank you very, very much!

Patricia S