Friday, June 05, 2015

Shards of Hope now out everywhere!!

The plot advances the overarching story while still maintaining a strong sense of intimacy and connection with the characters. The tension of an epic psychological thriller provides the framework for an unparalleled romantic adventure.  - Publishers Weekly on Shards of Hope (Starred Review)
 Shards of Hope is now out worldwide!! I hope you all enjoy Aden and Zaira's story.

p.s. I set up a Spoilerific Thread if you'd like to discuss the book with spoilers. :)

To celebrate, I'm running a giveaway on my Facebook page for some Psy-Changeling mugs. I don't want blog readers to feel left out, so I'm going to give one away here, too. International entries welcome.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post about books, or life in general, or the top three things you'd take with you to a desert island.

The fine print: One entry per person. Winner to be randomly chosen late Sunday night New Zealand time, and posted on the blog on Monday. Winner will have 72 hours to claim their prize. Void where prohibited.

I think this is one of my top reads by [Nalini] which is really saying a lot...Aden and Zaira were an incredible couple. Aden’s twist to his power was WOW... - From The Bookpushers Joint Review


Linda said...

I really loved Shards of Hope, although I'm not sure it is going to dethrone my favorites quite yet. I need to give it another read or two (and a listen!) before I have a firm opinion. :)

There are definitely spots where I'm looking at things and wondering what might come into play in the future, especially since now we know how far in advance you start setting things up!

Heather Greye said...

Stayed up way too late on Tuesday to read/finish Shards of I'm pondering it. :)

Can't wait to see where the series goes...and what happens with the new, interesting characters we met.

Cy said...

Your books I read again and again! Does kindle count as one item? All your ebooks (& Ilona Andrews & Michelle Sagara) would be on it. Chocolate and a sat phone. My three things on a deserted island. :-)


Priyanka said...

Psy-changeling series is one of the best series I have read!!

Laura said...

I loved this book and just recommended that my sister start this series :) It has almost replaced Caressed by Ice as my fave. I can't wait to see what the next book in this series will bring & the fact that you have kept the series fresh after this many book is fantastic. Loved reading more about Walker's past with the Arrow children & his relationship with Aden.

Shira said...

Zaira is a Psy with the heart of a (predatory alpha) Changeling. That's my feeling.
Loving Aden and her.

library addict said...

Oooh, the mugs. I need a mug. Thank you for posting a large pic so we can make out some of the quotes.

I enjoyed your TV interview. I was able to watch it on TVNZ's on demand service from here in the US. I had to register for the site, but that's fine. For those who want to see it Nalini's interview starts at the 41:18 mark. It was fun seeing New Zealand commercials. Most of which were the exact type of commercials we get here. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your trip.

Claire said...

Reading for me has been a new found pleasure, as a child reading was to much of a chore when other things got in the way but now I'm older and a little wiser I have fallen in love with books again. I love finding new authors with new stories, waiting for that next book in the series to come out, finding out where your favourite characters are now, hoping to see old favourites from previous books.

Finding Slave to Sensation a few years back was amazing, the way the book pulled me in and then you are off and now I find myself at Shards of Hope and I can't wait to get started.

Unknown said...

Loving shards of hope so far! As for the island i would bring a yoga mat, my kindle, ans sunscreen cuz I butn

Anonymous said...

Life is grand now that there is another Psy-Changeling book out there to enjoy! I am so looking forward to reading it and also to Naasir's story in September. I agree with others; the mugs are BEAUTIFUL!

Cybele said...

Love this book...actually live the whole series and I reread them over and over....i have had to replace Slave to Sensation 2x already...looks like it's go into be the same with Shards!!! Thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's exam period and i am refraining from buying Shards of Hope till the 12th. I know that when i start reading i simply won't be able to stop. So until then i am distracting myself with Kiss of Snow in my spare time whenever i start to think about Aden and Zaira.

Top Three Things to take to a Desert Island
1. A battery operated slushi machine
2. Brie cheese
3. Vasic, so he can get me anything else i need

Esyra said...

I can't wait to read Shards of hope! I have order it and i'm not so patiently waiting for it to arrive.

Pamk said...

It's on my kindle as we speak. It's my treat for making it through the work week.

Kelsey said...

If I was stuck on a desert island, I'd bring a satellite phone, bug spray, and fresh water.

wendy said...

I cant wait to read shards of hope, waiting for it to come. And anxiously awaiting Naasir.

Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

A box of your books, tent, toilet tissue

Jenn said...

On books and life, I feel books enhance life. Two of the saddest lines I've heard in a song, from Bob Dylan's One More Cup of Coffee for the Road; "You’ve never learned to read or write,
There’s no books upon your shelf".
Your books help to fill our shelves. Thank you

miki said...

Happy realease andthank you for sharing with us!
( and thinking about those of us not on facebook^^;;)

on a desert island i would take an emergency /pharmacy bag, books ( one about plants/animals in teh area to know what i could eat^^)and Curran ( for protection and providing)

We are having two sunny days ( with temperatures above teh normal for the season here) so i'm trying to enjoy it to teh fullest


CYP @ A Bookalicious Story said...

I don't know, man. Haha I'm not a survivor kind of person and I'd probably die of the mildest reasons. I'd bring a camera though, just so I can take nice scenic shots of the desert. Maybe a hot, funny guy to have a nice silhouette in my pictures. Just for the pictures haha. And that mug of yours. ;)

(Can't wait for Naasir!!!! That snippet in your newsletter is SUCH A TEASE OMG. So so intrigued with Andromeda. Not a fan of her name kinda gives off a traditional girly girly, a little oldie feel.)

Janhavi said...

Ooh, those quotes are awesome. Now I want the mug... I'll say again that I *loved* Shards of Hope and it might be my new favourite (Ill decide after re reading :D)

mad about you said...

Real world is boring, I love your creation of world . I love all of your characters

Anja said...

What I bring on a desert Island: a teleportation device, entertainment and someone who can control the weather. :)

Anna-Lisa said...

Ah! The mugs! So cool!

I am waiting for my copy of "Shards of Hope"...seems that Amazon Germany doesn't get it here as fast as I hoped they would but I hope it will be there before my birthday. ;)

I never could choose three things to take on a deserted island...I would never survive there. ;)

Eva said...

A life without books,
is a very sad life.

Janina said...

I love your books and I can't wait to read Shards of Hope. Had to finish an other book first :)
I want to thank you that you share those wonderful stories with us, that you take time off from writing to interact with your readers and that you send out the best newsletter ever. No matter how aweful the day was seeing your newsletter in my inbox always put a smile one my face.
Thank you for the amazing last years and more to come ❤️

Lisa said...

Hello Nalini,
I love your books since I first saw Slave to Sensation in a book shop. Since then, I can´t stop reading your books! It´s like magic!

I already read so many posts about Shards of Hope and can´t wait to read it by myself. But I wait till september when the german edition is out. English ist not my mother tongue and I know, if I read it now, I would miss so many little details. But I think a little mug would be good to bridge the time^^

tanja mueller said...

A knife, a plastic bag and a camera, to document my epic fail at survival. Because let's face it, I'd be dead within a week.

Can't wait to read Shards of Hope!

tanja mueller said...

A knife, a plastic bag and a camera, to document my epic fail at survival. Because let's face it, I'd be dead within a week.

Can't wait to read Shards of Hope!

tanja mueller said...

A knife, a plastic bag and a camera, to document my epic fail at survival. Because let's face it, I'd be dead within a week.

Can't wait to read Shards of Hope!

tanja mueller said...

A knife, a plastic bag and a camera, to document my epic fail at survival. Because let's face it, I'd be dead within a week.

Can't wait to read Shards of Hope!

tanja mueller said...

A knife, a plastic bag and a camera, to document my epic fail at survival. Because let's face it, I'd be dead within a week.

Can't wait to read Shards of Hope!

Eon said...

Hammock, solar-powered kindle, girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Early birthday present to me, your book.

Wasn't very awake at work this morning as a result.

Keep up the good work ;)


SQC said...

Shards of hope is coming on holiday with me right now..I'm not allowed to open it till take off (or just after of course ;) desert island? Clay..I'll take Clay.. oh. ..3?! OK add Hawke and Riley and we're off ;)

ladyreadsalot66 said...

I think I have to agree with Musing and bring Vasic who could bring me anything I needed. So then I would also bring Ivy because he would not go anywhere without her. So I guess the third thing would be my hubby because I would be jealous watching the love shine between Vasic and Ivy. Also my hubby actually enjoys wilderness camping and is good at it.
I have said it elsewhere but I will say it here. Familiar books are like comfort food (but without those nasty calories)!!

Unknown said...

You know I love you right? Like to the moon and back!

I wish to have one of your autograph someday!

Happy book birthday to you and Aden! He is a force to reckon with. Love him. Kaleb might have a serious competition on the no1 spot in my poor poor predator loving heart. x

Anonymous said...

My first book on english that I bought was your Caressed by ice.. Next day I ordered every available book by you.. I have all of your books and will continue to buy them as long as you write them..
No islands for me.. I am the most indoorssy person ever!!! I would die after first day..

Sanja, Croatia

Anonymous said...

....still waiting for my copy and since German companies don't do anything but strike at the moment (first German railways now the post)I'm not too sure when I'll finally get to read Shards of Hope, times like this I really wish I didn't prefer real books to e-books as strongly as I do....apart from that I'm neck deep in term papers and working on my Bachelor thesis...well, at least that's what I should be doing^^ but I'm too busy re-reading Angels' Blood to actually get anything done =D

All the best and a great, sunny weekend (summer finally found us here In Germany, too, so we have to enjoy it while it lasts =D)


bn100 said...

knife, your books, phone

Rachel said...

I cant wait to read this, but I'm waiting for it to be in paperback. Cant afford to buy hardbacks.

azteclady said...

Ooooooooooooo, cool mugs!

I haven't given up on my quest to get more people to read romance--any and all subgenres!

I keep posting reviews and commentary, and all pertinent links I can find, to different places (particularly a large online forum where only two people admit to reading romance: me and a romance author).

Here's to great writing, world building, and characters.

Anonymous said...

Skimmed through Shards of Hope the first time and now re-reading it and savoring every word. And lots of places, re-reading several times, AWESOME! And my husband wonders why I'd rather read a book than watch tv, duh. Sooooo much better and wayyy more interesting, lol.

Can't wait for Nassir!

Unknown said...

Three things I would take with me to a desert island?
1) ebook reader incl. solar powered charger
2) my "I can survive it all" backpack stuffed with all the things I need beside my books
3) the return ticket

Claire LS said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful stories and this give away.
Good luck to all the blog readers.... even though I'm hoping to be the lucky winner !
I can't wait to read Shards of Hope as well as Archangel's enigma.

Lisa J said...

My e-reader, the dogs (I'm counting both of them as one thing), and a generator so I can keep my e-reader charged.

Skyler said...

thank yor for your wonderful stories and the wonderfoul world you has created
i don't know what series is my favourites, i can't choose only one.

Unknown said...

Wow really wow, bellissimo magnifico... it's impossible to find the right words for shards of hope... every new book in this series is better then the one before, and since I love all of them, I always think I will not like the next one as much as the last, but you proved me wrong every single time. So thank you, grazie, for this amazing book!!!
I always loved Aden... but now I have a place also for Zaira!
I can't wait for Nassir story or another psy/changelin story... and I promise I will have more faith in your talent in the future.
Grazie e un bacio dalla calda Italia!!!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Shards of Hope and looking forward to this new story arc. Still wondering about the babies! Emmett and Ria's and Zack and Annie's. Maybe in the next book???

Unknown said...

I really would love a mug.

One of my top 10 books is Visions of Heat - i started the series reading that book and loved it. I raided Borders soon after finishing it and came home with 4 more of the series.

Kate Y. said...

I really enjoyed Shards of Hope! I spent the last several weeks rereading all of the Psy-Changeling books in order so that I could best appreciate it, and Aden and Zaira's story was well worth my anticipation. ^_^

Each time I reread books in this series, I am impressed by how solid your world-building is, Nalini. And it is amazing how early in you start developing what will become major plot points later on by seeding in small details! I am already eager to reread Shards of Hope and think about what might happen in upcoming books.

Thank you for all the hard work and passion you put into your books! I love all of your different worlds and will always be eager for more. ^_^

Anonymous said...

The main thing I'd want on a desert island is a way off. I like the idea of Vasic to get me off, no air or sea sickness. But if I was isolated somewhere I would want books such as yours, and a cup of tea. So a mug would be nice. I loved Shards of Hope. Alice

Heathervye said...

There are only a few authors I cannot resist buying at hard cover prices. Nalini, you are one of them, along with authors like Steve Miller and Sharon Lee. I thought you might appreciate that, as they are must reads for you, you are for me. You and they are also on the extremely brief list of authors whose series I have followed through more than ten books. I grew up when fantasy books were published in trilogies, and unending series with no end in sight drive me crazy. Unless the author is like you, because I know you provide short term closure within the long term picture. I will read whatever you write, because I have that assurance!

I read your interview regarding series, and I'm not sure my view is quite the same, but I love that you give me a "for now" story and HEA for each couple while managing to give us glimpses of the ongoing lives of former couples and advancing complex plots in a nuanced world. Guild Hunter series as well.

Kudos to you for the amazing characters, and for bringing the Silence arc to a close while creating a new enemy with such potential. It was done with a grace I rarely see in long-running series, which is why I follow so few. May there be many more books to come, because I can't wait to see what comes next!

isabel said...

Three things I would take with me on a desert island. dogs so much better company then a volleyball. And a potential food source (morbid but true)
2.shard of hope because ill need something to read for entertainment and I haven't read :( it yet sadly. But most of all because ill need something to keep me hopeful.
3.some hunk of a man!!!! For many reasons!

fran_w said...

Loved Shards of Hope!
Desert island:
ereader and solar charger (each time I see a 'preppers' show I feel like running out and getting one lol)
Vaughn who can provide everything else I need (hunt food, build shelter, provide entertainment, and keep me warm).

Unknown said...

I read it! And i loved it! Zaira is my new favourite character!
On a desert island i would take:

--> a sexy, strong man ... *cough cough* like Adan
--> a plane ( so I can still buy your latest books :D )
--> and a lighter

Thank you for everything! Your books are almost like a shelter for me.

Love Emma

Joan Lisanti said...

Thank you so much for Shards of Hope - it is everything I could have hoped for for Aden and Zaira. There are so many wonderful scenes in here, but I think my favorite is when Sascha visits Nikita in the hospital - so heartbreakingly wonderful.
Thank you thank you thank you!

Unknown said...

I loved the book :D <3
3 things to bring on a desert island.
a scheduled plane ride home :P
some way to get electricity + internet on the island
and my laptop :P (kindle app can work anywhere) :P

Unknown said...

I just want to thank you so much for writing such incredible characters. That always seem to be evolving that make it impossible to put your books down without finishing them first. I can't wait to see were you go with the rest of the stories!
All I would need on an island is clay Bennett and I would never want to leave!

Laura T - "Dancing Lady" said...

Got it but saving it to read on holiday in two weeks time.....I must be crazy!! I keep reaching for it, then saying "no, you must wait". I want something to great read to fill all those hours waiting at the airport. Can I hold out? Will I give in? Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I love your books! Just when you think the story can't get any better... It does! Hurray
I can't wait for the next one!

Nathalie P

bege said...

Your stories, of people with troubled pasts meeting someone who matches them, give rise to hope.

Dianne R said...

First off. Thank you very much for such a wonderful book! I fell in love with Aden's character at the start, but after reading the book. whoa! love him even more now. Will have to re-read as I haven't fully accepted that it's over until June next year. You've turned me into a junkie for your stories Nalini.

Anonymous said...

THis was a wonderful story. Can not wait for thr next installment of the wider astory. Aden was perfect!

Jen Barnard said...

I can't wait to read Shards of Hope, but I'm number 14 on the waiting list for 2 copies at my local library, so it'll be a while. I will be buying my own copy, but not a hardback, they're so much harder to read in bed than paperbacks!
jen dot barnard at btinternet dot com

Unknown said...

Hmm I haven't found my perfect man yet I would be willing to be exiled to a desert island and only be allowed to take two things if he is already there ;)

My other two items would be a solar powered device to read and write with and a life's supply of sunscreen because oh boy would I need it!

Em said...

Just got a new bookcase ready for Shards of Hope! Oh mother, i'm gonna need my allowance a little earlier!

palestblue said...

I LOVED Shards of Hope so much!!! It is my favorite book of all time and I will re read it many times for sure!

The three things I would take with me to a deserted island... mh... can I say Aden, Vasic and a copy of Shards of Hope? :D

palestblue said...

I LOVED Shards of Hope so much!!! It is my favorite book of all time and I will re read it many times for sure!

The three things I would take with me to a deserted island... mh... can I say Aden, Vasic and a copy of Shards of Hope? :D

marie3of3 said...

I am still reading Shards and loving it.

Three things I would bring?

-solar charger/flashlight/radio (yes, they have those; gotta love technology!)
-My Kindle (with all your books, of course)
-sunscreen or an beach umbrella

elodie said...

On my way to start the lovely trip through "Shards of Hope".

Three things I would take with me to a desert island:

1-a Swiss Army knife
2-a lighter
3-not a thing but a person, in this case, Nalini. So i can listen a story every night ( my own storyteller on a desert island, a dream!).

Seiyuuki said...

I hope I'm not too late to enter.
In Germany it's Sunday 9pm now.

But I was too too far inside Shards of Hope to read your Blog.
I really love it!
Especial the scenes with the cubs and Arrow children.
I enjoy the development of the Arrows to a family.

What I would take to an island?
- a knife
- my kindle full of your books
- a solar recharger