Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Roundup of News

I was on a bit of a publicity blitz for my local publisher last week - I thought I'd round up some of the links in case any of you want to check out the interviews.


I was on the television show Good Morning on June 4th. My segment starts at about 41.18. Thanks to Library Addict for letting me know the show is available to view internationally - you will, however, have to sign up for TVNZ's On Demand service. (Basically, register via your email).

This link will take you to the right episode. Otherwise, go to tvnz.co.nz, click TVNZ On Demand, find Good Morning in the list of shows, and choose the June 4th episode.

At the TVNZ studios.

Plus I was on Radio New Zealand's Standing Room Only programme. I think the audio file should be available worldwide. Just follow this link to listen - the audio cuts off a bit at the end, but you get almost the entire interview.


At The Mix FM with Mel Homer (no audio available online)

And I did a lunchtime Q&;A on the Mighty Ape Facebook page. Even if you're not on Facebook, you should be able to read the thread. (We will also be having a blog Q&A a bit later on, soon as I catch up on a few things).


I also did a blog post for the Gollancz Blog, talking about five of my Favorite Psy-Changeling Moments. What are your faves?


Also, Kiwis, don't forget I'll be on book tour in about a week. Main cities will be: Porirua, Masterton, and Palmerston North. Please do support the events! The better the turnouts, the more likely my publisher is to do more in the future. :)


p.s. I just realized I'm wearing the same top in all these photos! That's because they're all from the same day. I don't think I have any shots from the second day.


Always V said...

OMG! Loving the links! Now I can check out all of your interviews! Yeah! instead of going crazy~ "where did you hear that? where was I? link, please. . . etc." Thank You So Much.

library addict said...

It was super easy to register for the site and worth it to see the TV interview.

Thanks for the other links. I'd already read the Mighty Ape chat, but the radio one was new to me. :)

Lege Artis said...

Ohh.....some very interesting tidbits about next Psy/Changeling book. I am intrigued. :)
Thank you for links!