Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Shards Excerpt, Worldwide Audio Release, Alpha Showdown, & Catchup

The final excerpt of Shards of Hope is now up on the USA Today HEA Blog! I hope you enjoy!


The audiobook of Rock Hard is now out worldwide. Happy listening!

Available at: Audible, iTunes, Tantor, Amazon


Also, Raphael is up against Wrath of the BDB in the Alpha Showdown, so swing by and show our favorite archangel some love. :-)


I hope you're all having a great week. I've just sent the draft of Rock Kiss #3 (Noah's book) to my first reader, so today, I'm catching up on all the admin stuff I put aside while finishing the book.

I also want to work on my "spare time" Psy-Changeling novella collection.

What are you up to?


library addict said...

Wanted to read today, but had to help my mom out with some stuff and after groecery shopping etc by the time I got home it was late. May start the new Shannon Stacey book anyway :p

Excited for Noah's book. And wondering who the other novellas will be about in the "spare time" anthology.

And super psyched for next week and Shards of Hope.

library addict said...

Well I waited a few hours to read the final excerpt thinking I would stretch it out, but my resolve soon crumbled. Cannot wait to read the rest.

6 days / 141 hours + 7 minutes and counting...

Of course that assumes the pre-order goes live at midnight. Google's not very good about that, but I will clicking refresh as soon as 12:00am is on the clock :D

Leah said...

These excerpts are killing me!! Can't wait for next week to get the whole book. I still need to finish my Shield of Winter re-read, but I've got time still!

azteclady said...

I'm also re-reading Shield of Winter--hoping to have the review up on Friday!

I have been exploring the new website--some of the links are not quite right. In the Free Stories section, clicking on "Read More" for "Making Dinner," takes you to the 'more' section of "Movie Night."

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for next week. Any way they could release the book early? ;)

ladyreadsalot66 said...

While at work I am taking a few minutes to read your blog and Ilona Andrews blog (where she has a link to your article about types of series). It always makes my day a little happier to read the blogs both you create. Loving the excerpts and trying to kill the time until Shards of Hope with books collected but have never read. I don't want to start a new series because I want nothing to come between me and Shards of Hope.

Aja said...


I am incapable of coherency after reading that last excerpt.

library addict said...

So I am two-thirds through another full reread of Slave to Sensation. Not sure I will have time to reread everything again, but plan to at least reread major highlights of the main books and the slice of life stories before Tuesday.

Rereading the series twice in the span of two-and-half months is kinda fun though. I need something to get me through the next five days - LOL. And my poor TBR mountain will still be there next week.

Anonymous said...

hating these excerpts- they're too short!! and i know i won't be able to get the book next week; i have a huge project due in a couple of weeks, and if i get the book i'll binge read it and not get anything done. sigh.

Anonymous said...

What am I up to? I'm happily reading the last two excerpts and waiting with breathless anticipation for Shards of Hope. The Arrows are favorites of mine (What can I say? Like calls to like and I'm in a similar field) and I started falling for Vasic and Aden when they first started popping into the earlier books. I hoping that we will get to see glimpses of them in the next story arc, much like we got to see appearances by, for example, Lucas & Sascha and Sienna & Hawke in later books. (Not to forget, of course, our much beloved very first Arrow and author of the Sex Instruction Manual for out of control Arrows, Mr. Judd Lauren.) I didn't start reading your books, Ms. Singh, until I read Secrets at Midnight in Night Shift, and I have no idea HOW I MISSED one of the best and now one of my all-time favorite authors!!! Of course, waiting so long meant I got to submerge myself into the worlds you've created, and for a speed reader, I'm so grateful to be able to have such an in depth world to explore for so many books and so many pages. Woohoo!!! We are in the final countdown to June 2, 2015 and Aden!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it June 2 yet?? Sigh :(

Anonymous said...

That last excerpt is a cliffhanger! It reminds me of the old radio series endings of "Is this the end of Aden and Zaira or will they make it? Tune in next time for...'Shards of Hope'". Eeekkk!

June 2nd is coming up fast everyone. :)

Noah's story can't come fast enough either.

Patricia S

Anonymous said...

I should have waited but I couldn't. So now I have read both chapters and both excerpts and my desire for the book has been heightened not lessened. Now I am waiting again for June 2nd. Your writing is really great and character portrayals are well defined. Thank you for sharing your worlds.

Em said...

Good ole (bad adjective) Raphael won. Read the other series before but personally Raph is soo to god to be true.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the excerpt. I was going to wait for the paperback to save money, but you released just enough excerpts to cause me to change my mind. I just placed a preorder on Amazon.