Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Kindle $5.99 Sale on Psy-Changeling & Guild Hunter Series

Please share. :-) I have some good news for Kindle readers - it looks like Amazon.com is discounting the Psy-Changeling and Guild Hunter series (including ARCHANGEL'S LEGION) down to $5.99!!

If you've been hesitant about starting either series, or waiting to complete your collections, this is a good chance to get the first books at an excellent price. Have fun!

(Apologies to international and non-Kindle folks unable to get this deal. This is a bookseller promotion (Amazon), so I can't control it - but keep an eye on your own ebook seller. Sometimes, they'll match prices.)


ST said...

I had pre-ordered this back in July. Amazon fixed the price to $5.99 automatically. :)

This book is being released on my birthday so I am super excited about the special "present"!!

Liz C said...

I don't know about the UK site but I pre-ordered the book off Amazon.fr (I think it was literally 10 mins after they put the link up- yes that is how much I desperately wanted my next Guild Hunter fix *grin*) and at the minute I think the kindle version for Archangel's legion on the french site is less than the deal in the U.S (no complaints from me) I am really looking forward to this book :).

Sherri L. said...

Yea!!!! I preordered my archangel's legion can't wait too bad they didn't have the sale when getting the other books oh well love them anyway. Thanks for the info nalini.

Anonymous said...

thanks, but it turns out that i bought & paid full (10.01) even though it did advertise for 5.99. Since i needed to replace your collection on kindle because i had all your books, i let it go. so oh well, thank god you are worth it.

Anonymous said...

Google's ebook store is offering the book for $5.99 as well, I am getting mine there since I do not have a Kindle. Also, I noticed several other books were being sold for $5.99 as well. So those of us with an e-reader which uses the e-pub format may want to take a look.