Thursday, September 05, 2013

Brisbane & Chocolate

Amazing event at Ipswich Library tonight. Thanks to everyone who came and asked such great questions. A special thanks to the awesome staff and booksellers! :-)

My next event for the Brisbane Writers Festval is a Worldbuilding workshop on Friday (which I believe is sold out), but I also have two panels on Sunday, so grab a ticket if you're in Brisbane and come join us!

See the photo above? It's because my Brisbane hotel is next to a CHOCOLATE CAFE & SHOP. Yes, all kinds of chocolate. And macarons. Looking at this photo, you might think I've been very restrained by only buying two (raspberry and chocolate), but you see, I plan to taste test two every few hours. Have to go through all the flavors (including peanut butter!).

I've just sipped the hot chocolate. It's so thick it's like drinking melted chocolate. Nobody contact me - I will be in a chocolate coma for the foreseeable future.


Unknown said...

i'm happy seeing the Royal House of Shadows on your desk today. a few days ago i've broth the german book "Lord der toten Seelen" and wrote a post about it on my blog.
just happy seeing it today on your blog:)
much love from Germany^^

Stephanie.P said...

Ah, San Churro's! One of my favourite places to eat!
We have several outlets down here in Sydney too, just in case you were wondering.... *blinks hopefully*

Kaley said...

A new place has been added to my Travel Bucket List...

Lyfé said...

Hey Nalini,
I just read your blog and found you are really talented. I can not wait to read your books as well. Please feel free to visit my blog as well and possibly comment too :) With a review, please share with others as well.